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    Who has applied to Weatherford College - Spring 2010?

    Congrads to whoever gets in. Just FYI. This is not an easy program by all means. You first have to prioritize what is important to you. If your work is more important, you might want to wait to start nursing school. Take it from me. I worked full time and school til 2-3rd month into the second semester and I am a mother. I struggled to find the time to study. DON'T BE LIKE ME!!!!! If you can, work part time or better not at all!!!! When second semester comes, the work is more difficult and you have to apply what you have learned so far. I reduced my status to 2 shifts a week. Yeah I am struggling with money, but I am now doing awesome in school and in the end I will be able to catch up on my bills when I graduate. School is not going to wait for me! Also, if you get into the program. Get the books and start reading ASAP and NEVER fall behind on the information- it will be very hard to catch up on. The information that you miss- could mean life or death to someone. Good Luck all and study hard baby nurses!