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  1. Can't you CLEP the prerequisites? Anyway I'm a little confused. Assuming you have 120 credits, I'm not sure why an MSN program would be so concerned about social science credits. Do you already have a bachelors degree? I could see why they would be concerned with credits that are directly related to nursing.
  2. remmyjable

    AS in Nursing or Respiratory Care?

    Hi, I'm 27 years old and have a BS in Business Administration. I was thinking about going back to school (a community college) to get into the medical field. I'm actually interested in respiratory therapy, but I've heard from others working in the field that I'd be better off going for nursing instead. I would assume that it's easier for a nurse to transition into respiratory therapy than it is for a respiratory therapist to transition into nursing. My local CC offers an AS in nursing that leads to RN. What do you suggest I do? I want maximum utility, and would love to have the RN designation and work in respiratory care. BTW, the school I plan on attending is Valencia Community College in Orlando. FL. Is anyone familiar with it? If so, what has your experience been? There's a one year waiting list, plus the pre-reqs will likely take me a year. I would appreciate your advice.