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  1. jkb919

    Chemistry course at Valencia

    Hello, I took Intro to General Chem. 1025C last semester with Prof. Polk online. It was not that bad I managed to get an A. I just started VCC's nursing program this summer and plan on going into UCF's BSN program when I am done. But I agree with the others check with the school in NYC to ensure you take the right Chem class.
  2. jkb919

    Vent:Unfair Shift Rotation

    Hello, I am not a nurse (yet) I start nursing school next month. But, I wanted to comment on this post. I have been a 911 dispatcher for 11 years and my schedule is aweful. I work two 12 hour day shifts then off two days and then two 12 hour night shifts and off two days, we rotate constantly. Plus on my two days off I usually work overtime or timetrades for people. In the past there has been times where I have worked four 12 hour night shifts and then went into three 12 hour days shifts, it is very exhausting to flip flop between nights and days. So needless to say that if you are not used to flip flopping days and nights you can get really burned out. Good luck and I hope you make it through your shifts without being too tired.
  3. jkb919

    Got my acceptance lett...er.. email to VCC

    Congrats on your acceptance letter!! I have a friend who just recieved hers also. Are you starting Jan. 2011? That is when she starts. I also am doing VCC's program and I start this summer, so just a couple more months and my life as I know it is over! LOL I am taking chemistry right now so I can go right into my BSN. If your going to take chemistry, I am taking online class. It is not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Good luck to you!
  4. Hello, There is really no deadline as far as I know. I start this summer and when I applied it was first come first serve. So basically it all depends on how many people put thier application in before you. As an example if there are 5 spots left in the Springs 2011 class and 5 people get thier application in before you do then you will be in the Summer 2011 class. Hope this helps.
  5. Good luck with the program. I am anxious and nervous all at the same time. My husband is in the advance track program right now and he feels the same way, very fast paced. Any tips you could give me would be great! Joanna
  6. jkb919

    Sarting VCC Summer 2010, anyone else?

    Hello, Yes, the enterance test I took was the NET but I think they have changed it to the TEAS now. I applied in Aug. 2009 and got accepted to the Summer May 2010 class, so yes it was a 2 semester wait for me. You can check the Valencia nursing web site and it will tell you what semester they are accepting for right now. Joanna
  7. Hey Carlie, Thanks for the information. I ended up a getting stethoscope for Christmas and I have a BP cuff from when I was in EMT school. Good luck in the nursing program, I am looking forward to it when I start in May. Can you tell me a little about the 1st week? My husband just started the advance track on Tues. since he is already a paramedic. He said that he saw a schedule on the wall in a classroom for the standard track program and it said there was a quiz on the second day. Is that true? If so what was the quiz on? Any information or tips you can give me would be great? Thanks and good luck!!! Joanna
  8. jkb919

    Other second career students?

    Hello all, Second career student here also. I have a BS in Liberal Studies with a Minor in Health Sciences and a Minor in Health Services Admin. I am a certified EMT and have been working as a dispatcher/Asst. supervisor for a fire department for 11 years. I have only been married 1 year and have to most supportive husband in the world, we do not have any kids and don't plan on having any. So, to those of you with kids I give you props for making the decisions you have to start a second career. My husband is a Paramedic firefighter and starts a fast track RN program in a couple days. I have been accepted to an RN program and will start this summer 2010. I am excieted and nervous all at the same time. As most of you know it is very hard to leave a career to start something totally different. Good luck to all of you!!!
  9. Hello everyone, I start Valencia Community College RN program this summer (2010). Just wondering if there was anyone else starting then also? I would like to get a study group or better yet support group going. I am looking forward to the program. My husband starts the advance RN track program in a couple days (he is already a paramedic). I have been looking at his books and syllibus and all I can say is WOW!!! It is going to be a lot of work. Joanna
  10. jkb919

    VCC nursing students

    My husband is also starting the advanced track program in Jan. 2010 and I am starting the standard track program in May 2010. Hey Lulumedic, are you who I think you are? Joanna T.
  11. jkb919

    Valencia Community College (FL) Online LPN to RN

    Congrats! My husband is a paramedic/firefighter and also got accepted to Valencia's advanced track program for Jan. 2010. He and several other paramedic/firefighters we know also were accepted. So I guess you will be in his class. I am not a LPN or paramedic so I got accepted to the standard track program at Valencia for May 2010. Should be interesting my husband being in the advanced progam and me in the standard track program. Good luck to you!
  12. Ok thanks that helps. I got information brochure on the program and it had a cost list with everything we would need and it said Littmann stethoscope. I used to have one when I was in EMT school years ago but have misplaced it. I really like the lightweight Littmann one so I guess if it didn't matter in your program which one you get I will ask for the Littmann lightweight for a Christmas present from my husband. Thanks again, any advice you could give me on the program?
  13. Hey rholman, Yes as soon as you are done with your pre-reqs and have taken the NET then you can apply. I applied the 1st week in Aug. and will be starting May (Summer term) 2010. So as of right now there is a 2 semester wiaitng period. Unlike SCC Valencia's program is 1st come 1st serve and is not competetive. If you go to Valencias web site you will find all the info you need. http://www.valenciacc.edu/departments/west/health/nursing/
  14. Hello, I have been accepted to Valencia Community College's RN program starting summer 2010. I saw that we will need a Littmann stethoscope. There are several different types, I was wondering if someone could tell me if we need a certian type of stethoscope? I figured with Christmas coming up I could ask someone to get it as a present. (the less I have to buy the better) Thanks in advance, Joanna