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lolislovesyou specializes in none!.

I live in San Diego, California. I am a pre-nursing student at SWC in Chula Vista, and hopefully I will be transferring as a Nursing Student to SDSU in the fall. If not, I can live with still being a pre-nursing student. I love the beach & my dog.

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  1. lolislovesyou

    SDSU Fall 2010 BSN program

    That's really really great to know. I am still shooting for 97 - gotta dream big, you know?
  2. lolislovesyou

    Pre-Nursing Internships?

    Well, first of all, where do you live? Here in San Diego, I am currently doing a pre-health internship at Palomar Pomerado Health. It's for students that want to get to know the healthcare field in general. It's a really great program and I reccomend it to anyone. I also found some pre-nursing internships through volunteermatch.com. I would also try calling hospitals in your area and asking if they have pre-health or pre-nursing internships - don't go and just fill out a volunteer application, I have found talking to the volunteer director a much more effective way of finding out if a hospital has pre-health internship instead of submitting an application. Good Luck.
  3. lolislovesyou

    Time to apply.....exited, and nervous...

    i know how you feel. I just submitted my application to SDSU yesterday. I can't believe it, after years and years and years at community college! Good luck to all applicants!!!!!
  4. lolislovesyou

    SDSU Fall 2010 BSN program

    I am using the fall 2009 criteria. I started doing pre reqs a few semester ago but unfortunately I missed the spring 2009 semester and I have to use the fall 2009 criteria (I already emailed someone at state they said I have use fall ) I have about the same points you do, and that's with me gunning to get a 97 on the teas. I have been studing but I am going to do 2 weeks worth of super concentrated study (no work, no school, no thing but TEAS) before I take the test at the end of the semester. Unfortunately I don't have any work experience. I am a pre-health student intern at Palomar Pomerado Health and what I am going to use this application. I really don't want to go to National, I am only really going to go if I get rejected twice by SDSU (2010 and 2011). I wonder how they are going to grade the applicants using the old criteria and the new criteria in the same cohorts. Like, what gets more credit the fall 2009-ers or the other pre-fall 2009-ers - i mean the cutoff points can't be the same because they are different scales. If I don't get accepted this cylce, I am going to re-take human anatomy ( I got a B) so I can a 4.00 for the pre reqs and get my CNA license and CNA job. If that doesn't get me in, I don't know what eles will.
  5. lolislovesyou

    Worried transfer student applying for an RN/BSN college :(

    really? she was asking for help and it seems kinda, i don't know, antagonistic, to say that. if her parents are willing to pay for school, then good for her. i wish my parents would pay for school, but that's not the way they help me. and besides, who wants to end up $40,000+ when they graduate. private school is a last, last, last resort for me. if i were you i would do an "academic renewal". I did very poorly at the first school i attended and have 3 semesters of F's to show for it. You have to prove that you have completed 30 units with satisfactory grades and that those semesters no longer reflect you as a student or current academic abilities. Then they don't remove them but "code" them so that they no longer are part of your gpa. At my school, you can only do whole semesters, and only two classes. fortunately for me only 2 semesters had any transferable classes. at any point, you're not the only transfer student in this situation
  6. lolislovesyou

    SDSU Fall 2010 BSN program

    i am also going to take the teas test after the semester. are you going to use the ati book or are you using another?
  7. lolislovesyou

    SDSU Fall 2010 BSN program

    I am applying for Fall 2010. I haven't submitted my application yet because I am unsure of what classes what critera will be used to score my appliacation. I am a cc student, are you? I go to SWC in Chula. Hopefully we'll both get in, but I am making alternate plans to attend National University in RB
  8. lolislovesyou

    Fall 2010!!!

    i am applying to san diego state university, but i'm 90% sure i'm not going to get accepted to the nursing program. this fall i am taking intro to soc, gen psych, and micro, next semester physio, inorganic chem, oral comm, and psych devel. super competitive to get into, and with budget cuts, looks almost out of grasp but even if i don't get accepted, i am going to take the upper division requirements and apply again to sdsu and csub (plan a 1/2)
  9. lolislovesyou

    Has anyone else experienced this......

    yep, i scored into math 20 (which is the lowest math at my college). I took the class and then I took the assesment test and scored into math 45 (about 4 levels higher and what most students test into). go for it, i hope it works out for you. i just finished pre-cal a semsester ago, i never thought i'd get there.
  10. i'm applying to sdsu this fall for the fall 2010/spring 2011 class...is anybody else? i am a little worried about the fact that i'll be finishing my pre-reqs this spring and since they're not complete, the SON informed me that they'll take the application and do projections of what your grade should be and grade your points based on their projections. while i'm thrilled that they'll take the application without having the pre-reqs completed, i know that they won't project that i'm going to get all A's. i know they can't do that cause then everyone would get in!!!! I am planning on getting all A's, come hell or high water. i wonder if i end up getting higher then expected points, enough to qualify getting in but not getting in because of my projected score? does anybody have any insight, share the same concerns?
  11. lolislovesyou

    Anyone else waiting to hear from San Diego State University?

    so even though you had 74 points, you're in the gray zone? when i went to an "information session" they said that the most recent cutoff was 72. I hope you get in, I'm sure you probably have more points than others, but what do i know?????
  12. lolislovesyou

    Anyone else waiting to hear from San Diego State University?

    corriander, did they do grade projections for you? is that they miscalculated your points, or was it just because of the psyc class? Has anyone had any experience with they project grades? Are they generally right? What if you get a higher score then projected, do you still get into the program, or do you have navigate a big bureaucratic nightmare?
  13. lolislovesyou

    Has anyone else experienced this......

    take the low class and then take the assesment test again. that's what i did. i also scored into the lowest math. i took the class, finished it and retook the assesment test and scored into a much higher math level. i just needed a referesher and that's probably what you need too.
  14. lolislovesyou

    I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place!

    I live in san diego, so I totally understand your pain about the waiting list. san diego state doesn't have a waiting list, it's just super competitive to get in but if you have excellent grades then you may have a good chance of getting in.