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  1. Lisa RN..

    Going to School in NY but getting licensed in NJ

    RCC has a great program, and yes you can attend school in NY and get a license in NJ. Once you have completed the program, the secretary of the nursing office will forward a letter to NJ BON that you have completed the program. Please be patient b/c RCC is worth waiting for!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck....
  2. Lisa RN..

    How long did you study for NCLEX RN?

    I reviewed for six weeks using Saunders, Kaplan Strategies, NLN website, Rutgers NCLEX review materials and website, and everything I learned in school. Took NCLLEX Sept 8th, and passed with 95 questions.... The key is to answer lots of questions, get used to the various types, know your facts about particular subjects, and understand what the question is asking....GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!
  3. Lisa RN..

    Rutgers vs Kaplan NCLEX reviews

    Took Rutgers nclex review this past May and it helped me tremendously. Of course I thought the review was expensive, but after passing my NCLEX on the first shot, that $395.00 was worth it ten times over... The material they provide you with was very helpful, and it helped that some of the professors are board members of the NCLEX itself. :cheers: Lisa RN.
  4. Good, now hang in there. I know you must feel like you are in a dark tunnel, but one day soon you will start to see the light. Don't forget to reach out for help if you need it. I don't consider myself to be a know it all, but feel free to ask me questions if you like and I will answer to the best of my knowledge... Lisa RN
  5. Lisa RN..

    Took NCLEX today....OMG

    Congratulations, you must be on cloud nine!!!!!!!!! Whoooo Hooooooo is right.....:redbeathe:clpty::clpty:
  6. Good, now you are a permanent fixture of the RCC nursing program. I completed the entire program this past May and let me tell you it was an experience. I poured all of my blood, sweat , and tears into it. Nursing 111 was easy, but it gets harder.... If you truly want this them you must focus and study hard. I truly liked the program especially the professors, at least the one's I had. I also liked the flexibility of their program. They do an excellent job preparing their students for the NCLEX, I took it two weeks ago and passed with 95 questions first shot, what a relief.... Remember stay focused, study hard, and feel free to reach out if you need help...... Lisa RN....:heartbeat
  7. Lisa RN..

    Took NCLEX today....OMG

    You probably did fine...... I took it last week and it cut off at 95 and I passed.......