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    Unlocked Doors at MRDD facility

    We have similar issues where I work. One of the solutions was to use child proof locks on very specific drawers & cabinet doors. Risk management/safety committee reviews have to be done before any lock can be placed on any door/drawer to verify that the risk of injury (including choking, GI obstruction, etc along with the more obvious risks) is greater than the possible restriction to personal items in the kitchen (if free access to food is an issue in your facility--we have been able to do this with scissors & paints). Another option is to place a delayed opener on the kitchen door that would set off a message (verbal message politely announcing access to the kitchen) when a resident tries to open the door. We have been allowed to use these on our outer doors--there is a big-mac switch next to the door and a delayed lock on the door. When the switch is pressed or the handle of the door is pressed, an announcement says "I would like to go outside now," and 30 seconds later, the door opens. We have to have a teaching plan in place for every resident to teach them to hit the switch & wait for a staff in order to be able to use the delay opener. Once the teaching plans are in place, the biggest issue is to monitor & evaluate regularly. One of our buildings was cited because the effectiveness of the teaching plan didn't have enough data for one resident. The outer door that this resident used then had to have the alarm removed & we had to start over from scratch (we did end up posting an extra staff person for 6 months while we got data for his teaching plan before we were allowed to put the delayed opener back on the door). We also evaluate the necessity for each locked door/drawer quarterly & this includes reviewing all possible risks for each resident that may potentially have access. It sounds like a lot, but once it gets going, it's really just a lot of review. Oh, we also took the knobs off the stove after someone started to melt a plastic tray on one of the burners. Good luck