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  1. travelnfo

    Anyone Applied to Baptist's Evening Program in San Antonio?

    Congrats on the A!! I am so glad to hear that I will be among people with similar situations when my time comes, we can feed off each other and stick together. :redbeatheCarmen
  2. travelnfo

    Anyone Applied to Baptist's Evening Program in San Antonio?

    Hi All! I am a 32 year old Mom of 3 starting all over again from another industry. I am currently a stay at home Mom and going to school PT. I've been reading these threads for a while now and am super psyched about all the excitement you all share. I am all the way in the past for most of you, I am still trying to complete my pre-requisites at PAC for the RN program at Baptist School of Health Professionals. I plan on taking their night program since I will be FT MOM during th day, which is a ft job and very exhausting. I go to the Baptist site often and am so happy they now offer the Associates vs the Diploma program. It makes me glad to hear that the professors at the school are professionals and treat their students with respect and try to really help them out. I've heard horror stories from graduates from other schools in other states. Good luck to those who just started and those planning to start. I will follow the theads and you gals keep posting your progress. It gives others the pleasure of knowing that they'll be in your spot one day. Thanks, :redbeatheCarmen