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cys02195 specializes in Med/Surg-ER.

I am 41 years old today. I have one son, who attentds college in S. Carolina. I work fulltime as a RN. I have been married for 21 years.

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  1. cys02195

    I Made It

    This article of your life and family are perfect and brings back memories of my struggles in nursing school. It is very rewarding when you finally accomplish something that you have worked so hard for. Congratulations on your success and sorry about your grandmother. I also lost my mom in May 2009. She too was not present when I received my RN degree but I know she would have been very proud. Thank you for your story.
  2. cys02195

    Broward General nurse possibly exposed patients to risk

    That is very scary. She's been a nurse since 2004. THAT IS VERY SCARY :no: