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mmlpn specializes in CVICU.

Have worked my way up the ladder since becoming a CNA In 2005. I have worked as a CNA, LPN, and RN in many different forums of healthcare including long-term care, med/surg, ER, ICU/CCU, and CVICU. I was recently accepted into CRNA school where I will complete my DNAP at Texas Wesleyan University. I received my BSN at Mckendree University in Illinois. I am currently employed at Centennial Medical Center in Nashville, TN, where I will stay until beginning my road to DNAP starting August 2015

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  1. mmlpn

    Tired of searching for CRNA Interview Questions??

    You're not the only one. My 3 buddies in my unit are interviewing this week and have had their noses buried in their Stohlting books during their entire 12 hour shifts. The MTSA interview is by far the most intimidating interview I've ever had and they will definitely try to throw you curveball questions. When you go for the interview you get to pick a pt scenario and then that's all you talk about during the interview. It's good that you are studying dopamine, Levo...etc but if the pt in your scenario isn't on one of those drugs than they won't ask you about it. I'm not really sure why they have you list the drugs you use most during the application because they already know what drugs they are going to ask you in regards to the patient scenario you pick. For instance, I put Levo, Dopamine, Milrinone, nitro, and Nipride. My pt was a 54 yom post-op CAB on Epi, Neo, and propofol....so I didn't talk about a single medication that I had mentioned on my application. But even though I didn't mention these medications they still had me discuss Neo all the way down to the cellular level and the effects on the sarcoplasmic reticulum and all that good stuff... Kinda pointless to have you list the meds but it's the way they have been doing it for years. Good luck to you!!!
  2. mmlpn

    Tired of searching for CRNA Interview Questions??

    Hardest interview I've ever had. You get to pick the specialty your most comfortable (CVICU, MSICU...etc) then you draw a pt scenario and they hammer you with questions about drug MOAs. I ended up having to explain drugs down to the effects on calcium in the sarcoplasmic reticulum inside the cell. Know your meds!!! Know your receptor sites, know all your dosages of your meds I.e. How different dosages of Dopamine act on different receptor sites... In my pt scenario (CV) I had a 54yom with a good index and high SVR and I had to "fix him" (switched his Neo gtt to Levo) my interview went well until the little b*tch senior SRNA tried to make herself look cool by hammering me with question after question about drug MOAs till I got one wrong. The MDAs were really nice though. It's actually a 2 part interview. The first part with the president of the school is very laid back and personal.