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  1. I have two items in my background. One is a DUI from 2002. The second item is a CASE DISMISSED from 2007, a felony CHARGE, for possession of a controlled substance. I have not completed the 4 pre-reqs I need to even apply to an LVN program (but am in basic nutrition this fall presently). I have contacted the calif BVNPT and received some "input" from them as far as what their standards are, but received no clear-cut answer whether my background will prevent me from being granted an LVN license. They told me each case is different, so each applicant is judged on a case-by-case basis. I understand that, and it actually gives me some hope that they do it this way. I have had a history of alcohol and prescription drug abuse. I have been informed by a few different sources that my DUI would not be an issue in itself. It was a simple case of me driving at night, crossed a yellow line in my town, and was arrested. However..... the Board told me that the DUI, coupled with the DRUG CHARGE for possession of a controlled substance, would be weighed together. This makes sense. They also said it would greatly benefit my 'case' and application if I can show them proof of my REHABILITATION (i.e., certificates of completion from rehab programs, letters from AA sponsor, etc...). Fortunately, I have completed some of these things already. When I tell other people what happened, they always ASSUME I was trying to commit suicide: but I wasn't. I basically have an aspect to myself that is similar to when you overeat: you just can't stop and keep eating and eating (or in my case, taking pills and drinking). HERE IS WHAT happened..... FELONY DRUG CHARGE: (possession of a controlled substance). Here is what happened. I was at my house. I consumed a large amount of alcohol. At some point, which I vaguely recall doing, I ingested some of my wife's prescription medication (VICODIN). She was not home at the time. But, when she DID get home, she told me she found me on our couch, passed out, and breathing very shallowly. She said she tried to wake me up (even screaming and shaking me: none of it worked). So she dialed 911. Where I live, if you call 911, you get the: Fire Dept, EMTs, and...POLICE! Apparently I had my wife's bottle beside me, and when the EMT's asked her what I had taken she of course explained her bottle of vicodin (that was next to me when she found me). The EMT's checked me out, took me to the ER, and when doctors said I would be ok...the police arrested me for the possession of a controlled substance and took me off to the county jail (when I woke up there I was so frightened because I literally had NOOOOO idea WHAT in the HECK I was doing THERE! But I soon found out when they took my mugshot and gave me some paperwork with the charges. I was scared and depressed). When I finally went to court the judge offered me something called PC1000: a rehabilitation program that allows your case to be DISMISSED, but only IF you complete 18 months of probation, stay out of trouble, and complete about 15 sessions of group counseling/rehabilitation. I successfully met all terms of my probation, and when I returned to the judge a year and a half later, the judge 'congratulated me' and finally made an official ruling: CASE DISMISSED. Now that you have read the aspects of what is in my 'criminal background,' I would very much like to hear some insight from you. I should also tell you that I recently graduated with a BA degree in Psychology (and have an AA degree in Social/Behavioral Science). Also, I have been a CNA for a few years long ago (1995-97, then got burned out and did school and odd-jobs). But in recent years I have also done a lot of healthcare work that didn't require a CNA. One last thing is, I know it will take a couple of years to complete the 4 pre-reqs I need to apply for the LVN program in california when I find one, and that it could even be MORE time after that....so, one positive thing about this for ME is that MORE TIME WILL HAVE PASSED since this trouble I got myself into, which SHOULD be helpful. And, I am going to become a CNA again soon, to really show that I am serious about pursuing and attaining my LVN license. I can't wait to hear what people might have to offer me with their insight and input etc... THANK YOU FOR READING ALL OF THIS!