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  1. AllieKat

    Homebirth Gone Awry

    this is just so sad. i, myself had a homebirth and while it was the most personal, intimate childbirth i have ever had (for the 1st of 4 children) i never elected to do it again. luckily, there weren't any complications. it is just too easy for something to go terribly wrong in an instant. sometimes there may only be seconds or minutes to save the baby. so, the time needed to get to the hospital could have been timed saved and a life/lives saved. not that all midwives aren't a capable and/or valueable asset to the medical community, but there are reasons doctors go to medical school for so long. even a birthing center would be a better option for when situations such as this one go awry. generally, a doctor will be available at a birthing center. by the way, why on earth would a midwife (or anyone for that matter) allow a woman to keep laboring a week after her water broke? that is insane! i am not even in nursing school yet and i know that is extremely dangerous. isn't it you must deliver 24 hours after your water breaks due to infection or meconium? i agree that this midwife has given a bad name to midwives.
  2. AllieKat

    Does anyone attend Alfred State University??

    Hi again, Well, I heard that their program is extremely difficult. And, not difficult as in most nursing schools are no walk in the park. Difficult as in they don't give the kind of guidance they should. They don't say ok remember this it'll be on the test, or let you know what will be on the test. They kinda just throw you to the wolves, so to speak. I am sure this doesn't pertain to all their professors. I heard all this from an actual nursing student, and decided it was not worth it. Syracuse has a weekend RN program, and also a weekday program; they're both 2 years. It's alot of hands on Hospital training within the program starting the 6th week into it. I was very impressed by what they have to offer. Anyway, good luck! You're in there already so I guess you have to make the best of it. I hope it gets easier for you.
  3. AllieKat

    Does anyone attend Alfred State University??

    Hello Happiness, Thank you for responding! I meant Alfred State College, sorry for the mix-up Thanks for the info! I have pretty much decided to enroll in a nursing program in Syracuse. I am not going to start until 2011. I have some pre-req's to finish up first. Anyway, congrats to you for making it to the 3rd semester at Alfred, LOL! I have actually heard some stories about Alfred, so I'm glad you are doing well! Well, again thanks for responding.
  4. AllieKat

    100% pro-life, considering nursing school

    Well, this was a very interesting thread. I actually wondered myself about this topic. I am obviously pro-life, but I would not pass judgement on anyone. You have no idea what their exact situation is. If they were raped, they did not consent to the sexual act in the first place. I do not agree with abortion for myself, but for someone else it's none of my business. I am not God, so I have no right to judge anyone. Would I refuse someone care? Absolutely not! I also wouldn't want to ruffle any feathers either. Seriously, you've heard the saying the nurses will eat their own...what do you think would happen once they know you pick and choose your asignments? Yes, it is legal to refuse based on ethical, moral beliefs, but that doesn't mean the charge nurse won't give you the worst assignments and attitude. Also, in nursing school some professors have been known to come after you if you ruffle their feathers. Not all, but some. I am not saying you should compromise your beliefs, but maybe nursing just isn't your forte. Just because it's impossible to say whether or not you might come across this situation in some way, shape, or form. I would say that you are still young and should pursue the band teacher route since you have wanted to do this for so long. Maybe, you could volunteer just to see if you really are as interested as you think you are. Nursing school is expensive and not for the lighthearted. It is a big decision. Basically, while in nursing school don't expect to have any kind of social life at all. Plan to eat and breathe studying for at least 2 years and more for the BSN or MSN. You could try CNA or LPN, they can run for up to a year and some have part-time options. If you like the school atmosphere, an LPN can be a school nurse. Anyway, just thought I'd throw in my . I am in no way judging you, but I thought I'd offer some options you may not have considered. Good Luck in whatever you choose to do!
  5. AllieKat

    Le Moyne College and St. Joseph's College of Nursing DDPN

    Congratulations! I'm looking into this program What can you tell me about it?
  6. Does anyone attend Alfred State University? If so, are the professors willing to go that extra mile, or do they just leave you hanging to fend for yourself? Do you find the program extremely difficult? I know it's no cake walk and requires full dedication (as it should) I'm just wondering if it's going to be extremely difficult to manage nursing school and be a wife/mother? I'm already beginning to feel guilty for considering taking on this kind of stress/sacrifice for my family. I know that once it's all over it'll be worth it for the whole family. Did anyone else feel this guilty, or am I nuts LOL! Also, what is typically involved in a day of nursing school at Alfred? I know it's different everyday but I'm wondering what type of hours are involved in a week? Like M-F 8:30-4:30... I will probably be finding all this info out next week when I go meet with an admissions counselor, but like they say curiosity killed the cat LOL! Any insight would be wonderful!
  7. AllieKat

    LPN nightschool programs

    Hi Miwila, I am in Western NY, but I know BOCES offers these types of things. Check out http://www.cpnpnys.org/locator.html BOCES is usually cheaper and is more tailored to the working individual. Hope this helps!
  8. AllieKat

    I need an LPN PROGRAM

    Hi Meredith, I'm not sure of where exactly you're located in New York, but here in WNY there are LPN programs held at BOCES. Some of them are full-time, some part-time. You can also check to see if there are any programs running within your local hospital. Sometimes, they run diploma programs. Here is a link you may be interested in looking at http://www.cpnpnys.org/locator.html Hope this helps!
  9. AllieKat

    Anyone start their career late in Life?

    [color=#556b2f] [color=#556b2f]ok, so i spoke to someone in the nursing department, and i am feeling alot more reassured. she let me know what the prerequisites i would need would be and that it is entirely possible to attend college in 2010 in the fall. there are several people from my area that attend the program as well. i made an appointment to go meet with an admissions counselor and get a tour of the nursing campus next week. i would be able to complete the program in 5 semesters (2 1/2 years). she informed me i will have to re-take anatomy & physiology i & ii since the ones i took didn't include labs, but they will count towards a biology prereq. so it wasn't a total loss and i kinda had a refresher in it so i'll know what to expect from it. i am feeling very optimistic now!
  10. AllieKat

    Anyone start their career late in Life?

    mswhite, thank you for your advice. actually, i keep going back and forth with whether i should do the part-time local lpn program or the rn program. if the lpn program was full-time and only like a year that would make my decision so much easier. if i do the lpn program then the rn it'll take 3 years to complete instead of 2 years. i live 1 hour from a college which would be fine but in the winters it can be very difficult. western new york is known for its brutal winters so that is my concern. i plan to contact the nursing program and see what kind of options might be available. suny actually has an online program; not for the whole nursing program but some of it and it's recognized as a traditional program, not an online course. i was previously in college, and time management was definitely key to my success. if i had been working i know i couldn't have accomplished it. my husband was very supportive and would take our kids somewhere if i needed to finish an assignment. i totally relate to the exhaustion of being in school and being a little older and having been out of school for many years. it was definitely a major adjustment, to say the least. i am determined. i will eventually be a nurse. i just need to figure out which path i can take to get there.... good luck to you!
  11. AllieKat

    Anyone start their career late in Life?

    hello aspiring nurses and current nurses, this is an absolutely amazing topic. i am just amazed at the wealth of support and encouragement from everyone. this topic is something i was concerned about. i am 35, which to some may seem pretty young, but when you are 35 and possibly faced with a class full of 20 somethings it can be extremely daunting to say the least. however, after having read many of these posts i am feeling a little more reassured. i have not started any nursing program yet. i would like to do the rn nursing program, but it just doesn't seem feasible. i live in a very remote area. so, my best bet would probably be to do the local lpn program and try to bridge over to the rn; possibly online. the winters here in wny can be absolutely atrocious. so, i don't think it would be smart to travel an hour one way in the dead of winter. i previously went to school for medical billing & coding and halfway through realized i loved nursing, but they didn't have a nursing program so i kept trudging along with it. graduated with an associate of applied science degree with honors, no less. i am 35 and a married mom of four. the lpn program is part-time. i wish it were full-time so it wouldn't take nearly as long to reach my goal. i'm not getting any younger and of course, we need the money, but we also need the benefits. but more importantly to me, i want to help people and give back to my community. i have wanted to be a nurse since i was very young, but i just didn't think i was smart enough to achieve it. i just wasn't very good at science in high school. believe it or not though, i absolutely love science and biology now. i took anatomy & physiology i & ii with my degree program and loved it ( got all a's yay me!) there are a few pre-req's i probably won't have to take. i'll have to check into it. the lpn program doesn't start until next september. i was just a little too late anyway, you guys are so inspirational. i am so glad i found this site.