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    Things change - What to do???

    Hello, I have a non-nursing related degree and after a few years in the "real world" I have decided to go into healthcare. It's where I always thought I would wind up but somehow took a convulted path to get here. Because of my previous degree I was able to apply to a 1-year accelerated BSN program. I recently learned that I have been accepted to the program (yay). When I applied, this particular hospital/university offered a 'Work Agreement Scholarship' program where my tuition would be payed for in return for a 4-year employment commitment from me. These days, the thought of a guaranteed job for a new grad was almost more appealing than the tuition scholarship! HOWEVER, now that I have been accepted, I have learned that the university has discontinued this program for the time being. I know I want/need to get out of the current field I'm in, however, I'm not sure it's worth taking out a $40k loan to cover one year of school (especially since I still have a little bit of loan remaining on my first degree). The scariest thought is, what if I take out this loan and can't find a job? Will I be in a worse position than when I started? I guess my question is - in these times, do you think its smart to take out a substantial loan to get into the nursing field?