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  1. pixley

    do not return list

    According to what i've read it's a list of nurses who cannot work again nor come back to the facility or agency due to incompetency, malpractice, negligence or the nurse is putting patient's life in danger. Agency use this to threat nurses/workers who (like me) backed out from the contract. In my case, i backed out but there nothing against my license. My license was never revoked nor i was put to any suspension. In short i have a clean RN license. That's why i am asking other nurses about this. Thank you all for the responses. Thank you :wink2:
  2. pixley

    do not return list

    Thank you for response. I don't blame them either but my concern is, am i black listed to this agency alone or to other hospitals too. Will they "invent" reason for my being black listed? i don't have any violation as a nurse, If in case they do black listed me, can a court summon them to explain the reason? Can i contest against it? Yes, i'm a local contract..not traveler (per say)
  3. pixley

    do not return list

    There's no claim against my RN license, no violation, no criminal offenses or charges. I'm a competent and a good nurse. Former employers had good evaluation. One of the local contract agency threatened me that i will be on "do not return list" if i did not start the contract. I have some personal matters that needs to be taken care of that's why i'm backing out. No formal signed written contract yet -all verbal. I started some papers works done on the side of the hospital but that's about it. We do not even have a start date yet (the agency did not even knwo when). Do they have grounds against me? , can they put me on do not return list for this? What are the legal guidelines for this don not return list? Prompt response is highly appreciated. Thanks.