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  1. ShandellQuinn

    RN license Qs???

    What I would do is call up the state board of nursing it the state you now have the job in and explain your situation. They should be able to help you.
  2. ShandellQuinn

    How far do you work from home?

    i have to drive about 45 min each way 4 days a week. i actually enjoy the drive because after a stressful day i have that drive time to reflect on what happened that day.
  3. ShandellQuinn

    The RN Jobs Squeeze

    This is the exact problem I faced when I graduated from nursing school with my RN in May of 2009. Most of the surrounding hospitals decided to eliminate they nursing inturnship programs to save money due to a low census. I had to take a job in a nursing home. I have been gaining experence but it has been quite stressful. Our company has decided that we only need two nurses and three nurses aids for 35 residents.