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  1. shera95

    Will I ever get out of LTC or am I doomed?

    I feel as though I could have written this post. I got my RN last July and tried to get every hospital job I could apply for before I resorted to what I swore I'd never do- LTC. I hate it, but I had to work because my husband got injured in an accident and we had no income. I like my patients and have a lot of compassion for their situations in life, I mean we'll all be there one day, right? But still, I see myself as a hospital nurse, not working in a nursing home where all I get to do is pass pills all day and fill out paperwork for the newest skin tear, fall, or pressure sore. I just have a desire for the variety that a med/surg or surgical dept job in a hospital would provide. I feel for you and TOTALLY understand where you are coming from. Until then, I'm still diligently sending out resumes to hospitals.:)
  2. shera95

    how far is your clinical?

    First semester of my LPN year, I only had to drive 15 miles one way to clinicals. 2nd semester and summer semester, I had to go 45 miles one way. Then RN year, we went to bigger hospitals in bigger cities, so first semester, I was driving 65 miles one way and second semester about 50 miles one way. Thank goodness it's over, but more than likely I'll be driving to one of those places to work when I get my license, so I guess it was just practice! lol
  3. shera95

    I believe in all of us!!

    Not to toot my own horn, but last night I graduated (high honors) with my associate nursing degree!!! Yeaaaa! Finally!! Two years of studying, being a wife and mother to two kids then having a surprise unexpected baby over winter break of my RN year, losing my mother suddenly to cancer between LPN & RN, and being broke because my husband was our only income. I came, I saw, and I've conquored the beast!!! So toot! Toot!! My point is this: I was scared to death when I started nursing. Then all the unexpected stuff hit me as I was going to school to make matters worse. If I can make it through nursing school, I have faith that anyone else can too! If you want it bad enough, you can make it happen!! Good luck to all my fellow nursing students, both first and second level!!
  4. I love this thread!!! Okay it's my turn.......... 1. Just because you've worked as a CNA in a nursing home for so many years already, does not automatically mean that you know everything there is to know about everything and have to prove your belief on a daily basis. 2. Also, to those CNA's now in nursing school... Don't put down those of us that went straight into nursing school without being a CNA first, and quit saying that we should have to do what CNA's do for a certain amount of time before we "earn" the right to be a nurse. This is our choice, you had yours. 3. Quit asking me what my test scores are if it ****** you off that the worst one so far is a 91%. I studied hard to get my score, and I don't need your rolling of the eyes and comments about being a "brain", or the ever popular, "What did you get, oh yeah I forgot you don't know what anything under an A is." Don't like it, don't ask. 4. After about a thousand warnings already, why in the hell are you still texting during the entire lecture, and then when you get done answering the text, asking the instructor to repeat what they said so you can write it down. 5. You don't have to brown-nose at clinicals by jumping up to volunteer for everything available. No one is buying the fake smile on your face as you jump up to pass water or wash bedpans. 6. We could all learn a lot from each other if some of it wasn't presented with such a know-it-all attitude. 7. And finally, when we do a review of the test after we've taken it, why oh why, must we argue EVERY question that you got wrong, and try to find evidence in the text books that you are right and the instructor is wrong so they can throw the question out? Face reality-- you don't know it all and you are sometimes wrong. Oh, I feel so much better now. Thanks!!!
  5. I would be sure and get a few of the other students who have noticed the behavior to help you report the instructor to someone who is in a higher position. If it's like our program, I know, we're always told to speak to the one you have the problem with, but in this instance, it sounds like the instructor may be so caught up in her high and mighty self, that it would do no good. I just hate to hear about instructors like that. We're all there for one reason-- to learn, so why is it so hard for some of them to just help everyone do that?!?