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  1. 21amarice

    09-10 hrsa nursing scholarship

    Ok thanx Simplelife4me. I have one more question for you. I am in a situation in which my tuition will not be paid by the scholarship. That is because I receive grants such as Pale which is federal & deduct that from the cost of my tuition. I am wondering is that a norm for this scholarship?? I was under the assumption that no matter what my tuition would be paid for & that the grants I receive aside from the scholarship could be applied else where in my financial budgeting package at my school. HRSA is basically saying they are not going to pay for tuition which is already paid for by other funding like grants, and scholarships (I dont receive any other scholarship besides this one). I attend a state school so my tuition is very low and PALE alone covers my tuition technically. So all I will be receiving is the stipend. Did you or anyone else have this same problem? I figured that other grants I receive could be applied somewhere else in my school budget towards my school expenses & Hrsa would pay for my tuition regardless. I dont see any sense in me getting rid of my grants to have them pay for it, that does not make any sense to me. So technically I will end up with my loans still this semester, since I was under the assumption that my aid would be configured in which my grants would pay for other expenses (and be cut a little to fit the budget), and that HRSA would pay my tuition regardless of my receiveing grants. I am a little skeptical of the scholarship now even though I am VERY thankful for it = ) -Thanks
  2. 21amarice

    09-10 hrsa nursing scholarship

    I am wondering if anyone who received the scholarship in 2008 knows how much taxes they take out of the stipend payments? Or anyone who is knowledgeable. I am not sure if we have to pay federal taxes separately.
  3. 21amarice

    09-10 hrsa nursing scholarship

    I am really dissapointed with how long this process is taking. I also received an email mid september stating I was a finalist, and have not heard anything since. I have been keeping track of this blog for months now but have remained silent until now. I was told today by a HRSA rep that some letters were sent out late, but they dont know what time this month, which is confusing. The last rep told me letters were sent out last week and would be in the mail last weekend. Then another rep told me if I dont hear anything by this week then I most likely did not receive the scholarship. So I am very CONFUSED?? & am giving up hope for now.