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  1. Does anyone have any suggestions for LPN to RN transition programs. I live in Cocoa FL ....there is a small, not so well organized program through the local community college and one in Orlando but other than this I have not been able to find anything. I have had my prereqs completed, have worked over a year as an LPN and anxious to get the RN degree but finding there are not many options out there in this area. I may consider moving back to PA just for the opportunity to apply to several programs that are within a 20 mile radius. Cannot figure out why this area is so behind when nurses are in high demand.

    Error and Attitude

    Medical errors are something all of us have to be concerned with and this is why it's a required CEU and must be taken q 2 yrs for new info. This person that calls herself a nurse is lacking in many respects and I'm sorry that you had to be the brunt of what is most likely her own miserable personality. See, I too am a new nurse and during my student clinical days I was rudely awakened to the many nurses who are on ego trips. Nursing does not have room for egos like this. We are there to serve the public who need us to do our jobs and not behave like fifth grade girls who are trying to find a place among their peers. When we are adults who have worked hard to get through nursing school you would think we have learned compassion and empathy for others before getting down to the business of studying and taking responsibility once we become a nurse. I have discovered that many adults have never grown up past that fifth grade level and with that being said....this nurse has no business being a nurse with her attitude and childish behavior. Ignore her because she is not worth your valuable time worrying about her rude and ingorant behavior nor are the nurses who are in her little arena with her. I would bet she too has made at least one error and as well as each and every one those who were encouraging her bullying....they are afraid to stand up to her but you did and I say good for you. She may become worse before she gets any better so if I were you....I would give the supervisor or director of nursing a heads up to be ready for anything this poor excuse for a nurse has up her sleeve in the future. That way, she will be ready for her and hopefully she is a professional who will let her know that this nonsense is grounds for firing her. You just continue to do your job and do it well. From what it sounds like to me....she is trying to interfere with your work .... don't let her. Stick with the professional nurses who encourage you...they are the ones you want to model yourself after to become the best that you can be. The bully is someone who will only try to impede that. She needs a good talking to by the DON in my opinion...someone besides yourself to step in just like they would with a fifth grade child. Otherwise, she will continue to do what she does and it's the administration's place to stop her in her tracks. If they do not do this.....I have to agree with the suggestion another person made that you may need to pursue this further legally and outside of the establishment. Good luck to you and believe in yourself.....you care about your work and your patients.