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  1. Euro_Sepsis

    Where do you go after COT Air Force

    If his experience is like mine, he can expect to oath 30 days or less from the when that credit check gets run alongside the SF86.
  2. Euro_Sepsis

    Where do you go after COT Air Force

    You report to your first duty station. Many people at COT had their luggage in their cars.
  3. Euro_Sepsis

    What would you do

    It depends: is it closer to the start of my shift, or toward the end?
  4. Euro_Sepsis

    Under DHA, centralization of military healthcare

    From what I've seen and heard in the Air Force, peds, OB and L&D will either become staffed by non-mil (or atleast non-AF) nurses or moves off-base altogether. For example, Langley has already closed all their inpatient services. I don't know how this will effect recruitment, retention or possible retraining of theses nurses though.
  5. Absolutely. I've seen ports with alternate placements, like in the groin and even in a patient's forearm - ones where you'd obviously avoid distal placement - but the ones in the chest are generally tunneled up over the clavicle, into the IJ and down SVC right above the right atrium. You can even place an IV distal to a PICC with good judgement.
  6. Euro_Sepsis

    'Force feeding' at Guantanamo

    Did you really just resurrect your own 5-year-old thread? Anyway, same sentiment now as in 2013: The military doesn't need you, but you need us. You enjoy dissent from the comfort of your home, safe from the very real threat of being blown up or dismembered by these prisoners and those like them. You clearly have no knowledge of the legal and ethical obligations of commissioned officers, let alone the Law of Armed Conflict and how it guides our decisions and behaviors. This thread is nothing more than a testament to your ignorance and an insult to our intelligence.
  7. Euro_Sepsis

    Triage scenario, opinions needed.

    Intoxication isn't a legal basis to hold a patient. Steady gait, wants to go, free to go. Your triage obligations are GCS, +/- LOC, +/- seatbelt sign, pain/tenderness, and extremity CMS. All good to go, or clinically sober as above and wants to leave... bye.
  8. Euro_Sepsis

    COT and timeline

    Ma'am, I'm already FQ. I heard about the extension during a talk at Maxwell AFB from the command staff in charge of the overall TFOT program.
  9. Euro_Sepsis

    COT and timeline

    Just FYI, I recently found out that the current COT class is going to be the last 5-week one that they do. Beginning with the one in January, it's going to be 8-weeks, in line with the other TFOT officer training programs that run at Maxwell.
  10. Euro_Sepsis

    COT and timeline

    Your experience may differ from mine, but I recall something in my credit check paperwork saying that if it was being run, authorization to oath was ~1 month away max. You may be asked to complete SF86 soon which is the very long document to start your security clearance investigation.
  11. Euro_Sepsis

    New Trauma Nurse Help

    I'd worry about codes for now. If you're at a level 1 or a high-volume level 2, it will be a long time before you do any trauma.
  12. Euro_Sepsis

    Improving ED flow

    You'll need to get some solid data to find your true bottle neck(s), e.g. door to doc, door to room, door to dispo, etc. Unfortunately, the ED is becoming something we treat like a patient in and of itself and we rush patients through in order to see more, faster. If you can audit your EMR for these metrics, you'll have an easier time figuring out if it's a provider staffing issue, a nurse staffing issue, a transport issue, an inpatient staffing issue, etc.
  13. Also, consider that it's likely you could float between all of them after enough time off orientation, thus none of them are disproportionately more challenging than the other.
  14. Euro_Sepsis

    Air Force Reservist and Civilian Position

    I'm not quite following either but I'll assume you're referring to funneling your civilian and reserve income into the same retirement. If that's the case , look at the VA.
  15. Euro_Sepsis

    meps and medical records

    Concur with jfratian, but am I understanding correctly that depression is on the problem list in your EMR records from the accident that you have to submit? If that is the case, upon seeing it MEPS will probably just kick it back to you via your recruiter requesting additional documentation or info. A nice note from your PCP on office letterhead attesting to what you stated here is sometimes all that's required. You are correct however that mental health is scrutinized, so be prepared to have to push this.
  16. Euro_Sepsis

    Warm and dead...

    Warm IV crystalloid, OG or bladder lavage with warm water, bilateral chest tubes with warm saline instillation, conductive warming via room temp and towels soaked in warmed fluids.

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