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  1. Lorelei151

    Concordia College (NY) ABSN Fall 2010

    Greetings fellow classmates :) I am trying to sign up for the CPR class but there are so many different classes listed on the American Heart Association website that I'm not sure which one it is specifically. Has anyone signed up and can lead me in the right direction? Thanks!
  2. Lorelei151

    Cochran School of Nursing (Yonkers) 2011

    JP104 - they will accept those credits
  3. Lorelei151

    Teas test may 7th?????

    First - take a deep breath :) I am historically horrible at math but I studied the ATI review book & did the practice tests. Math ended being my highest score. One piece of advice is not to give your complete focus to math at the expense of the other areas. The grammar section was tricky.
  4. Lorelei151

    Microbiology: Spring 2010

    Gosh, got an 89 on my first lecture test and a 92 on my Lab midterm. We are finishing the chapter on viruses and starting bacterial growth. Also just got my unknown -- woo hoo! Must stay focused...
  5. Lorelei151

    Microbiology: Spring 2010

    Wow - yes I see what happened. I will definitely be needing to brush up on my algebra! I really just want to say that I am so very grateful for your help and patience. :bowingpur
  6. Lorelei151

    Microbiology: Spring 2010

    hi michael! i really appreciate your response. i am getting 2.230074519+43. when i multiply that by 2880 i get 6.422614617+46. i'm not even sure what that means - i know, terrible. i always have been horrible at math. would you know what the +46 means? maybe if i could figure that out i could get this converted to scientific notation and be done. again, i truly appreciate how much you have helped me already!
  7. Lorelei151

    Microbiology: Spring 2010

    Hi Everyone! I'm started my micro class and am feeling overwhelmed...particularly in lab as everything we do seems to be in hyper speed. Anywho, our lecture teacher gave us the following homework assignment: An E Coli cell put in a test tube in optimum conditions will allow it to reproduce every twenty mintues. One cell divides to become two, twenty minutes later four, twenty minutes later eight and so on. How many cells will there be after 48 hours? I'm not even sure how to start this - haven't been to a math class in quite a long time. Could anyone possibly give me any pointers? Thank you so much!