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    Long Distance Relationships in Nursing School

    Hi. I'm hoping to find a little support and better understanding of my ongoing long distance relationship. I've been with my boyfriend for going on six years in Dec. I love him, truly for everything he is and wants to become, I'm proud to call myself his girlfriend and I stand by every decisions he's made whist getting into the nursing program. We are literally each other's best friends and desperately want to do right for each other all the time. We've been in an LDR now for the five of the six years and he's starting his nursing clinical this semester. I am aware of the strain and stress the students will have to go threw, however, I am starting to find it hard to let go of the already limited time we have in contact with one another. Also, we had plans for me to visit him in Oct for Halloween, and now he says that he doesn't want me to come because he won't be able to entertain me and doesn't know what his work load will be like. I know taking this personally would be an awful assumption on my part, however, it does hurt that i'll have to go till Dec. when I get to see him next. I wanna be selfless and supportive and above all else loving and understanding, but I feel like I'm going to have to start lying to myself when it hurts bad enough to where I want to tell him, just so that I won't interfere with his studies. What's some good steps to take as he progresses threw these next two years? Also, whats normal to ask for, if anything, as a girlfriend.. time.. love.. care.. Also, if anyone can supply some realistic insight into what to expect in the next couple years.. all would be incredibly appreciated. Thanks so much.