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  1. RNDude100

    Nursing at the Olympics

    Hi fellow RNs... With the Olympics starting is just a couple days, I was wondering if there were any nurses out there who were working at the Games? And, could you talk a bit about how you landed the position and where you are working? Thanks for the comments!
  2. Hello Boulder and CO nurses... just wanted to ask the nurses who commute from Boulder/Louisville to Denver hospitals how long their morning commute is. I used to live in Boulder, but moved out of state for school. I have a bit of experience now and am interested in returning back to 5430ft. Any responses who be appreciated!
  3. RNDude100


    First, a little background. I've been working on a cardiac stepdown unit for almost a year now and I really enjoy it. Question to the more experienced cardiac nurses is... how long did it take for you to get used to handling codes and other acute situations. By "getting used to it" I mean, not freaking out per say and being able to be calm and have a clear head while you had to make the initial quick, fast decisions in a caotic environment. Appreciate any comments and advice!
  4. RNDude100

    Job search blues

    Volunteer your time.
  5. MBA2RN and Nicki... thanks for the responses. MBA... did you get a job in SFO or elsewhere in CA and did you know anybody within your facility that helped with getting the job? Thankfully, I have a good job right now, but Cali is such a fun place and it's always good to get a reading on how things are out there.
  6. This thread is directed toward the experienced nurses on the board. I know the job market is tough, but exactly how tough for an experienced nurse. Can you at least land an interview? Also, what about areas a little bit beyond the Bay Area both north and south? i.e. Sonoma and Half Moon Bay/Santa Cruz? Appreciate the comments! :)
  7. RNDude100

    CU-Denver Hospital New Grad Residency Program

    I don't live in Colorado now. I'm in Jersey which is like another planet compared to Colorado. I used to live in Boulder
  8. RNDude100

    CU-Denver Hospital New Grad Residency Program

    I'm in the same situation as you guys... finished my BSN out of state and finding it impossible to get back. What a difference a couple years makes in the job market.
  9. RNDude100

    CU-Denver Hospital New Grad Residency Program

    Yeah, fingers crossed, we'll all find something soon. It's a bummer about the GPA thing... mine was similar to yours, Nurse 901: 3.28. Just because people scored high test scores, doesn't necessarily mean they'll be good nurses. Just my .02 cents.
  10. RNDude100

    CU-Denver Hospital New Grad Residency Program

    Hey Nurse 901, thanks for replying... yeah, I applied there for nursing school and never got in, so I've been less than optimistic for being accepted for a residency position. Seems like they consider GPA quite a bit, which is a bummer. Plus, I'm sure with the surplus of new grads, they can be even more picky. Good luck to you and hopefully you'll find something soon!
  11. RNDude100

    CU-Denver Hospital New Grad Residency Program

    Anybody? Bueller?
  12. Hi, Has anybody been notified whether or not they've been selected for an interview? Thanks!