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  1. ScorpioNightNurse

    'CAN' lpn school, Is anyone currently attending?

    I live in Brooklyn (Flatbush) and I go to the school up the road from CAN. I'm less than 5 minutes away and I pass CAN to and from School. The bus from Port Authority or the bus from George Washington Bridge will take you right there. I give myself upwards of two hours for the commute but usually it takes me and hour and 15 minutes in the mornings and an hour and a half for the commute home in the afternoon.s
  2. ScorpioNightNurse

    lpn programs that begin in dec/jan? (NY/NJ/PA)

    CONGRATS!!!!! I'm not graduating until 2011:( I finished a med assist program in July (the classes all transferred over to LPN) ad so I have just clinicals and a few classes left to take. The instructors for LPn are not the same as I had for MA so Im anxious to find out how everything goes. I start the full-time day session Oct.25th. I'm glad to hear Ramsey accepts grants tho because I may very well attend Ramsey for the LPN-Rn bridge program.
  3. ScorpioNightNurse

    lpn programs that begin in dec/jan? (NY/NJ/PA)

    Maybe they recently raised the tuition because my tuition total was definitely a few dollars over 19K. I had the majority of it covered by fin aid so my loan was for 6K total. Eastwick of Ramsey an Hackensack are the same school, only different campus. The credits from hackensack are accepted for Ramsey if it is for the LPN -RN bridge. I already attend the Hackensack campus. What grants did they tell you they don't accept? This whole time I thought that they accept state grants that are sometimes given thru fin aid? i cant believe they dont accept them! Thats crazy! I hope it all works out for you and they give you a package that suits your needs. BTW...Good Luck on the TEAS! :)
  4. ScorpioNightNurse

    lpn programs that begin in dec/jan? (NY/NJ/PA)

    I forgot to add that another important factor for me about Hohokus was the LPN to RN bridge program at one of their campuses (Ramsey). LPN grads from any Hohokus campus get first priority (no waiting lists) to enroll in their RN program in Ramsey.
  5. ScorpioNightNurse

    Any student commuters?

    I commute 40 miles roundtrip from Brooklyn, NY to my school in Hackensack, NJ. I give myself 2 hours going and coming but in the morning it usually takes an hour and a half. The afternoon commute back def takes 2 hours tho. I want my nursing license so badly so I happily deal with it. It has helped me a lot with studying. I do nothing but study during the commute since I take public transportation. 2 MTA trains and a NJ transit bus each way. What really kills me about eh commute isnt the time or distance; its the fare hikes! I have no idea how rough my commute may be once I start clinicals in October since the sites are spread out thru Northern NJ. Pray for me!!!!
  6. ScorpioNightNurse

    What does your uniform look like?

    My sentiments exactly! Our uniform is a Teal scrub top of any brand and white pants with white shoes. Go figure! We get 2 sets to start us off and I believe the school patch is somewhere on it. Meh...
  7. ScorpioNightNurse

    What date do you start Nursing school?

    Oct. 25.......feels so far away and I'm anxious!!!!!
  8. ScorpioNightNurse

    lpn programs that begin in dec/jan? (NY/NJ/PA)

    Hohokus Hackensack LPN module starts in Jan. The nursing modules start every 3 months. It's a 12 month program if you're a full-time day student: Mon-Fri. Part-time is 18 months Mon-Thurs 5-10 with clinicals on every other weekend. There are a couple of campuses of the Hohokus schools (Eastwick College) but the one I'm referring to is in Hackensack, NJ. It is a private college where everyone knows you by name. THe tuition is a little under 19K I believe. I too had to make the decision between my current school and Lincoln Tech. The individualized attention and support I receive from instructors and administrative staff makes the tuition more than worth the price. I am very happy here and get the support I need. Yes there are a few that leave a lot ot be desired but that is anywhere you go. Lincoln Tech (in Paramus, NJ) was too much of a business push to me
  9. ScorpioNightNurse

    ***CLASS OF 2011***

    I start my 12 month LPN program Oct. 25th Anxiously waiting to start and successfully complete this journey! CLASS OF 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. ScorpioNightNurse

    Im a BAD patient

    As I was discharged from the ER last Friday, the attending Dr.exclaimed Finally!!!! as I walked out! I looked back to see if he would at least laugh it off so I would think he was just teasing...But guess what? He was DEAD serious! LOL
  11. ScorpioNightNurse

    Please help! to choose btw two schools in NJ

    The MA/LPN program at Eastwick is longer BUT the classes you take as a MA are the SAME classes you take your first module as a LPN. I have LPN students in ALL of my classes. It's the same A&P, Medical Terminology, Clinical lab & Lecture, etc. During our last module, we focus on MA classes while the LPNs go on to clinicals off site. IF you're in teh 2-in-1 program, you join up with the LPn class while the MA class graduates. The classes are done this way since I believe most students take the MA into LPN route. Yes it's a little loner but it helps to prepare you (in my opinion). I too was in your exact predicament. I chose Eastwick (Hackensack campus) over Lincoln Tech. If you have any more questions please feel free to ask! BTW...The classes that you take as a MA that count towards your LPN are deducted out of your LPN tuition. They dont charge you the general tuition since you already took A LOT of the classes needed. It doesnt come up to teh $19K after all! That was a BIG relief for me when I learned that :)
  12. ScorpioNightNurse

    What school are you going to?

    I decided to go to Hohokus Hackensack instead of lincoln tech (paramus) Orientation on October 20th...Classes start October 26th..Can't wait!!!!!
  13. ScorpioNightNurse

    Does anyone have a Bachelors and still pursuing LPN??

    I have an Associates in Liberal Arts and a Bacheor's in Business/Health Management. As others have already pointed out, the LPN route is VERY beneficial for my situation. I was lucky enough to finish my undergrad education without taking out any loans ata ll. However, the jobmarket isn't too promising for someone with my degrees and no experience in anything other than bartending. I'm 26 with a 3 year old and time is of the essence. NYC schools for LPN and RN have proven impossible to get into! Waiting lists, lottery systems, etc. I tried getting in to programs at SEVERAL cuny solleges (2 of which I graduated from) and to no avail. LPN allows me to be a nurse, support my family while pursuing my RN. I'm glad I took this route. I believe it better prepares me to be a more prepared nurse. Esp. since I have no prior hands on medical experience.
  14. ScorpioNightNurse

    advice on how to start....lincoln tech?

    hello! I am also from Brooklyn and will be commuting to Llincoln Tech's PAramus location. God willing, I will start September 23rd. Im from the flatbush area so I will be taking the A train myself!