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medic7577 has 14 years experience and specializes in Flight/ER/ICU/CVICU.

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  1. What got you into school?

    No worries Mike...I hope I didn't come across as defensive my post, just being humble and giving credit where credit is due. You are right though, I wouldn't take anything for my military and pre-hospital experience. But, there is definitely much g...
  2. What got you into school?

    I have been fortunate in my career to be in the right place at the right times with the right people there to guide, teach, reprimand, put their foot in my ass, and mentor me along the way. And, I am determined SOB too! later, griff
  3. Steps to become a CRNA?

    Use the search function and google for some other nurse anesthesia websites. There is lots of info out there. You have to do your due diligence and research it. It will take time; everyone's situation is unique - grades, experience, personality, i...
  4. Heed the advice you received from the anesthesia programs - especially if that is where you plan to apply (which I assumed). I actually have thought that PACU experience was something I would have enjoyed too. Never came close to it other than tran...
  5. Butchered at work over wanting to be a CRNA?

    I guess I was lucky too. The ICU I worked in...everybody supported me (even the manager). There were 3 of us looking to anesthesia school (unfortunately I was the only one that got accepted) and 3 others actually going to NP school (mostly online)....
  6. CRNA Threat

    I have been informed not to place links in my posts. Kinda wondering how all these other folks seem be able to do it. ?????
  7. CRNA Threat

    They do have the autonomy - it's called independent practice, and no, the surgeon is not liable for the CRNAs actions...the CRNA is. There are plenty of places in America where CRNAs are practicing independently and autonomously. CRNAs can practice...
  8. samford program

    Well, I was just trying to help 1980 out by putting them in touch with someone that I know for sure is in that program since he/she had not gotten a response as of yet. 1980, the link in my above post is not the link that I put in my original respo...
  9. What got you into school?

    I just re-read your post and realized that you have already applied and interviewed. Missed that last night in my haste...sorry. You should be able to find a program that will accept your experience, although some do state that applicants must have...
  10. samford program

    If you check out, you'll should be able to make some contacts and find out more info. I do know that there is at least one student there. Sounds like an excellent program. later, griff EDITED: Please don't include w...
  11. What got you into school?

    Hey Jacob, I come from just about the same background as yourself...13 years EMS: 10 flight (last 5 as RN/EMT-P). I started out as a medic in '98 and just progressed up thru flight and RN. It is hard to give up EMS! I have been there, I know it's ...
  12. GRE Help

    I used that website also ( Also used GRE for Dummies, Complete Idiot's Guide to the GRE, and a Kaplan review book. As mentioned before, focus on your weakest area. You can make larger improvements in your math score more quickly. Stud...
  13. Rural vs. Large for 1st CRNA job

    That will all depend on you as a person and clinician, as well as your school and how well it prepares you. Also, it will depend on the makeup of the practice you enter (whether or not there is someone there to mentor you - whether CRNA or MDA). I ...
  14. disorderly conduct get me kicked out of school? circle yes. They are going to do a pretty good background check on you anyway, so they will most likely find out. The point is, there is no reason to lie. You have already been accepted, why even entertain the thought of screwing that up...
  15. information about crna, reliable information please