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  1. Your CES report must indicate that your education was conducted in English using English textbooks. CTS will evaluate your CES report and they will waive your TOEFL if they saw that your medium of instruction was conducted in English. You can work on your CES application first and after a month or two your CES report will be available for CTS. You can then submit your licensure application to CTS. You can also simultaneously submit your application to CGFNS-CES and CTS but problem arise when your CES report is delayed due to some unavoidable problem between your school and CGFNS. Remember that you have to accomplished fingerprinting when you pass your application to CTS. And fingerprinting will expire within 6months. So for precautionary measure, apply for your CGFNS-CES and wait for your report first before applying for CTS.
  2. If you intend to apply for Illinois License then don't apply for Vermont anymore. Illinois and Vermont require CGFNS-CES report (not the CGFNS-Certification Program) so accomplish this first before you apply. TOEFL will be waived when CTS sees that your CGFNS-CES report indicates that you used English instruction using English textbooks during your nursing education.
  3. Daigorot

    Visa Bulletin for August 2010

    Wow! It went as they predicted in the July Visa Bulletin. Though it jumped 10 months, it might not jump that far for the following months. It will be good for all of us if it will jump again for that far.
  4. Daigorot

    SSN for Illinois NCLEX???

    Illinois will issue license without SSN. I just don't know if they require it when you renew your license. If you are married to a US citizen, then your immigration papers will be out in a few months. However, if your wife is GC holder, it will take sometime.
  5. Daigorot

    Endorsement Application to Vermont

    Is this about CGFNS-CES? Your college transcript (TOR) together with the academic request form must be sealed in one envelope from your nursing school/university. Some school handles the responsibility in mailing the documents. Your HS diploma must be sent by you. Don't put them together, your documents might not be accepted by CGFNS. You will waste more money and time if they will reject your documents. You can send them via express mail (post office) if you want to save some money. It will cost you around P788 compare to P1300 at DHL or FEDEX. Send your documents on Thursday or Friday morning because their cut-off date is Friday (3PM). Your documents will be at CGFNS on Wednesday. You can tract you package via USPS website.
  6. Daigorot

    HELP! in registering to PEARSON VUE!

    You can forward your money order payment together with your application (registration) form. There is a link in their PearsonVue site where you can choose between credit card or money order. Follow the money order link and there is an instruction there. Good luck.
  7. Daigorot

    Desperate situation and after advice for a friend

    Maybe you should get the reasons why her (the pregnant student) school didn't admit her. If the student completed all her clinical hours and community duties, then she will just have to finished some theoretical hours, thesis, etc. Look for the brighter side of this and don't compromise the health of the baby.
  8. Daigorot

    GP Genesis Dialysis Clinic

    Do you have a complete schedule for the succeeding months?
  9. Daigorot

    Opened my email... and got me ATT today!!

    Wow! 3 days is really fast. Good luck on your exam.
  10. Daigorot

    CVS-NY missing request

    CGFNS received your TOR and during their review, they found out that you are lacking in Microbiology, etc. Are you sure they told you that you lack "GRADE" not the Theoretical hours? Call them again and verify what you should do in this situation. Don't argue with them, they are the authority. Yes, some of their customer support agents are rude but not all. If you wait for their written instruction, you will be waiting (and wasting) a month to arrive in your door. Did you apply for Full course by course? Also check your TOR and verify if you have a grade in those subjects. In my situation before, they asked for the theoretical hours of Microbiology not the grade because it is clearly there in the TOR. If you will notice, there is no microbiology entry in the Academic Verification form. So what they instructed me to do is to get a certification from the school (with school's letter head) that indicate the number of theoretical hours of Microbiology. Signed and sealed by the school. They already received the new certification when I got in touch with their written instruction. Good luck.
  11. Daigorot

    Job Interview and Exam Tips

    Nice tips. Thanks.
  12. Daigorot

    BS Computer Science + BS Nursing = Nursing IT?

    Nice to know all these things. I am Network engineer and a nurse too.
  13. Nothing is impossible but it's their rules and you must follow. As they always say "If you don't want the system, get out of that system".
  14. They are all the same.
  15. Daigorot

    CHED flunks 147 nursing schools

    Go CHED Go CHED.
  16. Daigorot


    Try Robinson's Ermita if you are in Manila area.