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  1. Into the right atrium....meaning the clot impeds some of the blood flow so there is less blood for the heart to pump. So yes it does. Am I on the right track?
  2. Can a superior vena cava thrombosis decrease cardiac output?
  3. Mndy657

    Heparin and RBC

    His CRP was also 5.8 which is high. Could there be inflammation in his superior vena cava and his veins? His chest had dialated veins on it. And since his blood vessels are inflammed this could lower the RBC? I'm trying to critically think here..but I'm unsure of what I'm coming up with and I can't think of anyother reason he would have a low rbc count and high crp. Any help would be so very appreciated. Thank you!
  4. Mndy657

    Heparin and RBC

    Sorry...the only reason that I thought maybe the URI might cause it is because my lab book says that an infection can lower RBC. His platlets are normal. He was not bleeding anywhere. I can't really come up with anything. I didn't check to see what his rbc was before heparin was started.
  5. Mndy657

    Heparin and RBC

    I had a patient that was diagnosed with superior vena cava thrombosis. He was put on hepari . My question is, can heparin lower the patients RBC's, HGB. And HCT? I have looked it up several places and can't find anything that says heparin can do that. It is only a slight decrease. Could it be due to a upper respiratory infection?
  6. Mndy657

    Clumps of fat in blood??

    A patient that I had was a 81 yo male who fell down 15 stairs. He broke a couple ribs, his pelvis, humerous, and C6. When I went to draw his blood out of a picc line these big globs came into the tube. A bunch of it. I showed my nurse and she said "that's just fat..it would be interesting to see his cholesterol levels.". Can this really happen and is it safe? All I could think about was a fat embolism. Could the fat in his blood be from all the broken bones? I'm just very curious about this situation. Thanks to all that have any comments!!