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christy k.

christy k.

direct support care of disabled adults
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christy k. specializes in direct support care of disabled adults.

I have been married for 20yrs.I have a 19 yr. old son in collage. An my daughter is a 17 an shes a junior in high school.I am disabled with one arm

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  1. christy k.

    Two days of orientation & liking it so far!

    i have 1 good arm an the thing to remember is putting on clothes start with weak side 1st, when taking clothes off do good side 1st SO hope that helps.
  2. christy k.

    Can nursing students apply for CNA or LPN jobs

    on application put down student and when u finish, some might be interested in hiring but on a trial bases or position with no certification until you pass because alot of places need staff or do like assisted living care for over night shift that way you can study if the hours work for ya.
  3. christy k.

    growth charts

    We just chart it! then nurse passes on info to doc.if child cant stand on scale (physical issue) for weighing u weigh chair then child in chair and subtract the chair weight. for hight In bed you lay child flat and you make a little pincial mark at top of head and then feet then you mesure with ruler. I hope that helps ya!
  4. christy k.

    Starting CNA Class on Monday Help!

    I am a cna student in mn. and i have one arm and i made it threw 2 weeks and if i can do this i know you'll do fine!
  5. christy k.

    Whats Night shift (11pm-7am) like?

    Doesn't the janitorial staff do the floors except if a patient didn't get to the bt in time or a spill ect. ?
  6. I am missing my right 4 arm and the rest is paralyzed. I am in mn. and I was wondering if (any) states are required to give accommodations for me during my skills testing? I want to use a gait belt that I purchased and a casbar for helping pushing wheelchairs, but my last school said " your commendations are allowing you to take the test":devil:
  7. christy k.

    one handed typing

    I want to learn to type with my one hand(L) but all the free downloads are'nt free. I was wondering:idea: if anyone knows a good program.
  8. christy k.

    Already burned out...

    I understand it is not what you want, but until you find another job (that u want to do not because it is close or easier) Think about if you are old, and where put in a home would it help you to get threw your day if a staff was acting (posture, body language, tone of voice) like they could care less about there job? There are so much more for these people that you are taking from them. Friendship,companionship. ect.. I use to be very uncomfortable around the elderly until I started asking about them growing up,how things where different back then? You will be amazed at some of the stories you will hear! And some might make it up, but you are taking them out of that home in there mind for maybe only a moment but that could mean everything to a person. And alot of them who can't talk doesn't mean they don't understand. Talk to them , tell them about you and your family. And don't talk about the negative stuff. If you have to become the best story teller around!
  9. christy k.

    I must have missed the chapter on bites

    hahaha! I'm sorry but you got to laugh or it will get you really :hlk:at your patients after awhile. I have worked with mr/dd adults for about 5yrs:hdvwl: and I have had biters,hair ripped out, scratches, punched in the face, an like you said"It comes with the job" I would suggest you say up on all your shots, I also always get flu shot and I haven't got it yet (crossing my fingers)
  10. christy k.


    Does anyone know if these CPR classes online are legit
  11. christy k.

    adaptive equipment

    does anyone know if transfer boards( beasy transfer board) is a good safe transfer board to use?
  12. christy k.

    Down but not out!

    Well it didn't take me long to register for my CNA class.I will get alot of practice in now with the skills book that I was given at the other school. And I know more steps to take for preparing the new school ahead of time. I really don't like the word No. my new class starts 4/5/10 I'll be ready!:)
  13. christy k.

    Normandale Community College Nursing Program (NLN score)

    Does anyone know if Normandale college has ever passed any one in cna/na course with a disability?
  14. christy k.

    Tremor & Limited Dexterity in Left Hand

    by any chance would your friend mine giving some tricks for doing some of the skills. I sure would be grateful!
  15. christy k.

    Disabled CNA student-Skills questions

    Well after them telling me to get a physical with doc saying i was physically fit and i gave it to them,THEN it was the owner of the company saying " we will not stop you from taking your skills testing,BUT you don't do it exactly like its written then you wont pass. I asked "Then what does it mean in your hand book you will make accommodations to assist me in testing"? I have a transfer board, transfer belt with 9 handles for supporting patient, a scope with blood pressure cup in one. I have a scrub brush with each bristle not touching each other so it will be able to be sanitized for each use, and they wont except it. So if i quiet now i will get a full refund on tuition so i will and i will go to a college that starts in June. And i plane on letting know around here how that company is keeping me from helping the work force in nursing. I don't know who i can also write to about this that might take interest and can possibly make a change for other qualified disabled people to get certified.:redpinkhe:yeah:
  16. christy k.

    Disabled CNA student-Skills questions

    I have made it threw the 1st week but on Thurs. I lost it and i started crying when i couldn't get the pulse on other students. I have been asked to have a physical to assure the nurse board or who ever. And then the teacher said she is waiting to hear from the head person if i will be able to complete this course due to the lifting and transferring, but on Thurs. i talked with a lady who told me that they have to allow accommodations for me and all the equipment i have already bought to help me i can be reimbursed. I can't remember what organization for the disabled she was talking about( I'll know tomorrow when i call her) well after talking to her she made me feel hopefully but the teacher said" I don't know what the school will allow. Well my emotions just got the best of me and i started crying really hard. I just hate feeling like there just waiting to drop me when i can't do the task right away. right away

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