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  1. Electronic charting of kangaroo care/holding

    How do you chart kangaroo holding in the electronic record? Do you have an extra flow sheet or do you chart it in the assessment record? Do you chart the type of transfer too? Especially interested in anyone who uses Epic.
  2. shared goverance? who uses it?

    My unit is wanting to move toward this model. Would love to hear stories from nurses that have experience with it:D
  3. Would like to know how it's working out:)
  4. NCLEX study group in Edinburgh

    Hello, I'm a Scottish Nurse who has been in the states for 10 yrs. I went through an agency who did all the paperwork for me. My advice to you is just keep doing the practise tests the NCLEX is really not as hard as you think...don't over think the a...
  5. Who runs your ECMO pumps?

    Hi, At my hospital the ECMO team is made up from mainly NNICU RN's. Perfusion primes the pump then we take over. In the NNICU we do baby and pump in peds and adult ICU's we do pump only. I love ECMO it's such an enjoyable challenge.
  6. Family Support Person

    Hello, I'm new to the forum. I work in a busy level 3 and feel that our parents would feel much more supported if we had a neutral support person that was available to them. I'm wondering if other centers have such a position.