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  1. needshaldol

    Running on Empty

    I didn't know I could report but now I do thank you. Now if they could get rid of the ad that pop up as I was scrolling, some dude with a horse, a cowboy type looking for love.
  2. I can't ever imagine a dispensary needing a nurse? You don't need a nurse when you purchase advil or aspirin. I would think that before dispensed, the usual "have you taken this medication before"? would be asked and the pharmacist would go over it and that is it. Since I have lived my entire life in California, I think we here just don't give a hoot about this as it is so common.
  3. needshaldol

    Running on Empty

    Going to stop opening up these messages as this nurse board is letting spam on and not catching it in time. It is a waste of time for continued opening up and finding "start working at home with this or that and make $".
  4. needshaldol

    Running on Empty

    Jean, in my opinion, the documentation will always be what is most important in nursing in the hospital setting. It is all about liability now. At the hospital I worked at, patient satisfaction was most important and a nurse would get called into the office when a patient filled out a form with a complaint, even if this patient ran every nurse into the ground. The manager "had" to call the nurse in. I call this sort of "nurse bashing, getting control of the nurse". And I loved my manager, she was and is a wonderful manager and person but she also is part of the chain ladder up to the CEO. Next, everything was/is about "budget". There is enough in the "budget" for manager meetings, and then meetings about the meetings" but not enough in the budget for patient care. What would help tremendously would be for more aides. Our aides had too many patients and few would get the care they really need. Since the RN is dealing with clicking on the computer, documenting to avoid a legal issue, and seldom has time to do what an aide is trained for, then if we had more aides, patients would be happier, the RN would have time for all those tasks, and a good assessment of the patient but I am afraid, at least where I worked, that this is not in the cards. Don't get my message wrong; I truly loved the job.
  5. needshaldol

    Running on Empty

    After working as a hospital RN, the compassion fatigue hit me and I noticed I was still doing my job, by giving meds, dressing changes, etc. but I started really to step back and not have compassion. What I believe has made this issue in nursing worse, is the amount of documentation going on. The computer has become the patient too often and getting those clicks done becomes more important by management. I decided it was time to leave and I gave notice. I loved nursing but I did not love the corporate nursing that really does not give time to the patient. I miss the job, the people, the challenges, and the patients. Now it is time for me, my husband, my family, and my friends.
  6. needshaldol

    When will being an RN stop sucking?

    After 30 years of nursing I have retired. Could not make it to 65. I have worked in different areas of the same hospital which may be a "non profit lol" in a high priced area where small one car garage homes start at over 1 million US dollars. Thus there is a ton of money here and yet we are always fighting for help. The care continues to go downhill and we are constantly audited. The computer has to have perfect charting. People are being fired. They will not let us cut back hours and everyone who is hired is full time. It is a brutal job. Have to look good and be accommodating to patients families. Ridiculous. The job has gone down every few years and nurses are basically doing a lousy job. Few if any elderly pt gets oral care. A diaper is changed twice if that.
  7. Sorry but for me a depressing topic. I have been in acute care hospital nursing 30 years and I have a harder time now then ever with the pain of caring and watching people suffer and the effect on families. I have seen it all too. Several stick out in my mind. 1. The elderly woman whose son had them cut her leg off instead of letting her go peacefully. She never recovered and was in extreme pain. He wanted NO pain meds for her so when he would leave the room which was frequently, I would have that syringe of morphine in my hand ready. 2. The young guy with aids. His abd was completely open and could see his organs. We would put sterile saline and pads on it. He was told that it would heal. No way would this heal. He would look at it and ask me "is it looking better"? And I would say "yes". Then he died. 3. The youngish woman dying of cancer and the family wanted her "gone". We had her on so much drugs that it would kill the entire hospital! Like 45mg/dilaudid/hr. Nothing worked. Everytime she twitched the family wanted more drugs. After days of this the surgeon called in the anesthesiologist and propolol was given and that was it. When she was alert she said to her husband "Bob are you trying to kill me"? I am ready to leave this job.
  8. needshaldol

    Vanderbilt Medical Center to have nurses cleaning up

    Does anyone here realize that by having nurses do this housecleaning, jobs are taken away from people who do this for a living?
  9. needshaldol

    Vanderbilt Medical Center to have nurses cleaning up

    Let me get this straight. I do not think I am any better than janitors and housekeepers. Not one bit. By having nursing do their job, we are not only having more work to do that is not "taught" to us in school, but in fact, it is taking pay away from the folks who need these jobs for their own paychecks. Has anyone thought of that?
  10. needshaldol

    Vanderbilt Medical Center to have nurses cleaning up

    Sorry but I can't believe anyone here would actually do this. How can management change our true roles as RN's when we are expected to be housekeeping? Are you all ready to start cleaning the windows? And the toilets? What is next? If we want more time at the bedside then linen stripping, garbage taking out, needs to be stopped. Let it pile up. Everyone has to be on board to make it better for the nursing staff and the patient. Of course I am not talking about the few incidents when the nurse needs to take out linens, etc. Wake up nurses! Get together. We are a HUGE part of the hospital and our voices will be heard. Don't be hoodwinked by corporate!! Our CEO took in over 5 million dollars in pay 2011.
  11. needshaldol

    Vanderbilt Medical Center to have nurses cleaning up

    Our CEO made over 5million in pay and bonuses 2011. Just saying.
  12. needshaldol

    People think I am stupid

    #63 that makes no sense what so ever. Never heard of hanging zozyn over four hours at 12.5 ml/hr. Other fluids are there to hydrate the patient. Hydration is not dependent upon such a small amount of fluid. What would happen if the pt needed a new IV and it took an hour to get it in? How are you going to make up for this hour? Not necessary. 12.5 ml is like a few drops.
  13. needshaldol

    Why do nurses clean off their shoes at work?

    I have several pairs of work shoes and not one has ever touched the floor in my house. The only time shoes are allowed in my house is when I have a party. So why does my house still get dirty?
  14. I live in Ca and they seem to move the clinics around. I am a RN in an upscale acute hospital. Maybe it is different here in Ca? Or maybe people are more upfront with their marijuana use? I have had patients who tell me it helps and I have co workers with cards for their pain issues, and then I know of at least 15 recreational users inc MD's who are employees. Again, maybe being in Ca puts a different spin on this.
  15. Did we forget something here? This is not about dispensing meds. There is no way a RN is needed in a medical marijuana store. Eventually, maybe not in my life time, but eventually this herb will be legal in the entire U.S. and then it will become legal for recreational use. Police do not want to deal with someone who has a small amount for personal use. Better to spend the time where it is needed.
  16. needshaldol

    Has anyone ever been careless and gotten stuck?

    I think this is possibly a first. I was very careful as always, and when I did a blood sugar stick with one of those tiny hidden lancets and when I pricked the patients finger he moved and it went thru his skin and into mine! I had no clue but a tiny feeling. Yes we need to be very careful but it still can happen.