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  1. nyc ndn

    failed nclex-pn 2x- how can i pass it next time?

    I failed too...what to do?
  2. nyc ndn

    New Testing Plan (April 1st)

    As I stated previously to those who do NOT have a license yet, study everything you can.
  3. nyc ndn

    New Testing Plan (April 1st)

    I took the new version yesterday, I cant begin to tell you how hard it was. I scored in top 95th %tile for my exit by Hesi (which is MEGA hard). But NCLEX was a whole other story. I studied the same material that a friend did from a prep class and she passed but I didn't even see even 2 of the same questions as her, I totally bombed. Quit job and studied like a dog. Lots of infection control, few delegation, mostly first priority diseases, check all that apllies, fuzzy unclear animated images to identify, crap load of meds, not too much math, few peds and maternity. No cute little encouragement popups like others, just frustrating through & through. Don't know how i will ever pass. I don't know what to tell future test takers other than study any and everything.
  4. nyc ndn

    Need help passing HESI

    Hi Whitney, yes I know it's perfectly legal. Just don't know why your psycho ass instructor and school for that matter won't help you. Don't they realize that a girl committed suicide who couldn't pass?!?!?! Please go to your school director and ask them, it is a code that is given to students. The versions change frequently so my questions will be different from yours, i know because my friend failed and her 2nd version was totally different. If they don't help you then contact me so I can give you instructions on how to request the number from your school. shookolachicasha@yahoo.com
  5. nyc ndn

    Native American Reservation nursing

    Hello, I'm just a nursing student so I don't know anything on the clinical side but I'm Native American. I think the most important thing to know when working in the Native community is it's important to learn a bit about the local cultures i.e. taboos and such. Even learning bit of the language will be appreciated especially by elders.