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  1. whooha

    Question for all the experienced travelers

    First off I wasn't in Bakersfield I was down south and 1000.00/ month was way more than adequate to get nice housing in the area. Secondly I WAS being paid bi-weekly which I'll admit isn't ideal but I took the contract for the location not necessarily the money. Secondly I never said I made out like a fat cat on that job. Who does these days? I was just pointing out that my monthly housing stipend was actually given to me even though it was taxed. There was no tricky calculation involved. THe housing WAS taxed but my meals money wasn't. I was just stating my personal experiece. Tango I don't know why you always feel the need to swoop in and be an ass. If I wasn't clear you could have said just that. .
  2. whooha

    Question for all the experienced travelers

    I think you are getting screwed on the housing deal. I've only taken the housing money once and it was 1000. Which was more than enough for the area and it was split between the two pay periods each month and taxed along with my other wages. I would call my company. If you are only on this location 13w I doubt you'll ever see the rest of that housing money.
  3. whooha

    Connecticut/New England

    Yeah, I prefer cities too. I'm gonna make the best though. Raleigh is great. My college roomate lives there now.
  4. whooha

    Connecticut/New England

    Im at Dartmouth now. Its okay. I was told it was a rural area but I wasn't prepared for this rural. If you like large cities and all theyhave to offer Dartmouth isnt gonna be for you. It is beautiful, clean and there seems to be lots of outdoor activities. Good luck and if you come keep me posted. Its always nice to meet other travelers in the same area.
  5. whooha

    Next Assigment, which should I choose??

    I worked at Yale in the ICU. I liked it. I was never placed in an unsafe position and I actually felt that patients were well cared for on the unit I worked. I'd be a bit hesitant to take the 6:1 contract . That sounds like Med Tele rather than PCU.
  6. whooha

    1st traveling offer! I think it SUCKS! your thoughts?

    That offer is a joke. I would love to know what company had the nerve to quote that rate. I wont go for at less than mid twenties, free medical and dental, free housing, 250-300 biweekly for meals. I also want reimbersment for things like travel and parking expenses. I also dont negotiate well so Im prob payed less than most on assignments.
  7. whooha

    New Haven, CT

    I agree with everything said about orientation. I was housed in Hamden at Town Walk at Hamden Hills I really enjoyed the area. There was plenty see and do. Easy access to NYC by the Metro North and only a few hrs drive to Boston.
  8. whooha

    New Haven, CT

    I was in the MICU at Yale for 4 mo. I only left to avoid the winter. I personally had a good experience. Ratios were 2:1 in the ICU and 3:1 in stepdown. I have heard from other travelers that the MS floors are pretty bad. Poorly staffed and fairly high acuity.
  9. whooha

    CCTC and RN network recruiters

    Jean Beauchamp is with cctc and she is wonderful. Ive been working with her over a year.
  10. whooha

    Travel nurse workload vs. staff nurse

    Hopefully it's just an LA thing. The same is true of Cedars. I've worked other places and was treated well, but Cedars would always give travelers the harder/more stressful assignments and send travelers to the worst units while in house floats would go to the better managed/ run units. It was obvious that placement was wasn't random or by experience but by status. (staff vs. travel vs. inhouse float) I agree that the floating and the crappy assignments were a great learning experience.
  11. whooha

    ICU nurses- floating to floor

    I'm at a hospital in LA and was under the impression when I signed that floating to tele was possible, but that it would be rare. This hospital can't staff it's tele units so it purposely overstaffs it's ICU float pool to cover. Or that's the rumor. The first month I spent more time on tele than in an ICU. Needless to say I turned down the extention.
  12. whooha

    Assignment in Los Angeles

    Hi Just got an assignment in Los Angeles what do I need to know? Any advice is appreciated!
  13. whooha

    Labs and vasopressors..new icu nurse needs advice

    If you can't stop your fluids and you can't find a vein our RT's are great about grabbing a few cc's extra during a gas. You can get blood that way. I think in some states it's legal for RN's to art stick. I actually have the RT pull blood for me alot. Expecially with serial labs. It cuts down on a stick expecially with someone with bad veins and poor access.
  14. whooha

    The Dreaded Death Bath and a Moral/Ethical Dilemma?

    She wasn't necessarily wrong, I hope she just used good judgement. I mean when an oscillator patient starts dropping sats simply when you're screwing with their ted hose to check pulses then she needs to have sense enough to say hey let me stop and no this patient isn't gonna be bathed or turned until they can tolerate some stimulation. Just because someone is on every drip and has crappy lungs doesn't mean they can't be turned. You get a feel for what people can and what they can't tolerate. And honestly sometimes you turn them, they tank and you know not to do it again until they stabilize. Interesting thing though, I was in a skin meeting a few months ago and the WOC nurse was leading it for a new skin initiative on our unit. She was admit that ALL patients can and WILL be turned. Right. I say come on up and you can join in on a round of compressions when we follow the initiative on that patient. We turn unless we have an order not too. Our physicians are more than willing to write an order and physicians note stating that the patient is currently too unstable to turn and to list the reasons why.
  15. whooha

    Low Platelet Count

    This is just one more cause of Thrombocytopenia, but it was an issue with a patient I had a couple of weeks ago. He was a Sickle Cell patient that was intuited on CRRT, septic and in DIC. After he'd stabilized a bit he was still chewing through platelets. The hematologist finally said he'd infarcted his bone marrow and said that was the cause of his platelet issue. Thought it was interesting. One more cause to toss into the pot.