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  1. owlyhecate

    Cherokee language

    I to have tried to learn Cherokee with the help of my grandfather. At that time he was the only person I knew, who knew. He's dead and years later when I ask another family of speakers for help I was so shot down it was like WOW REALLY, DEAD LANGUAGE YOU SAY-NOPE. In NC on the Qualla Boundry its tought from pre-k. Theirs a guy at my work now who is trying to learn the basics just for fun. (and hes seriously trying). Your links have been helpful,thank you.
  2. owlyhecate

    "LPNs should be done away with altogether"

    I've heard LETS PLAY NURSE for LPN in the ER by an EMT. Made my blood boil, while strapped down to a backboard post mva. In any other proff. does people get poked at like this? I think not! I've been in the medical proff c various titles and it sucks that the higher educ one gets the more they feel the need to put someone else down. As I work sesmester by sesmester toward my RN, I vow to be part of that change thats needed.
  3. owlyhecate

    I give in to drug seeking patients

    Maybe b/c of working as a jail nurse I see the worst side of where addiction has taken the drug seeker - jail, DWI, violance, and all kinds of underhanded ways. I even have some family members like this and let me say if some intervention was inplace to keep tabs on the amount fo s*** they get . OMG . but then pvivacy rights would be involved. one of the companies I work for now has a wonderful system inplace - if u have lots of "issues" when u come in ur down to see psych and the Doc. -Now back to people and my family- it's nice to see after a few monthes in jail how well they look and admit to feeling off all the heavy stuff. PLS don't get me wrong some people really need the heavy stuff and by all means if they need it let them have it. I guess my rambling point is where did the breakdown occur REALLY? somedays I just work in shock of how /why the seeking behavior got to that point. It really destroys everyone. Then the oddest thing when they are telling whats physically wrong AND mentally - just by the drug combos u can pick the Doctors, and guess what else ! They are the docs that are ultra luxourious ! and the amount of addiction scrips the give " u can't stop taking it for any reason -u'll seize and die" once hooked and a docs word like that the house is paid for! Never mind they do come off the same "u'll die pills" s seisure and did the doc even know about the daily ETOH, pill swappin with others and jail stents for all the Hell u raised while trying ur neighbors painpills -NO. but heres ur next refill !!!! (we can't fix it or can we) Sorry, but it all came outta nowhere wooosh
  4. owlyhecate

    Puerto Rico school feedback?

    To worldtravelingyogi or anyone else in PR or was there. I am fluent bilingual and have my LPN do u know of avg.wages for LPNs ...then do LPN's get hired - u never know some places only want an RN- what is avg. rent and lights in a close to school OK part of town? sooooo curious
  5. I've been to Mexico in several places and have inlaws there in many cities and yes the violance is spreading even to the remote countryside. Will I go back -yes. Don't know how long it's gonna take u to get ready to move but general opp has it its gonna get worse before it gets better. anyway the pay for nurses is min. compaired to here, ud be working for food and a few extras with the kids. a country (not too out there) house thats native and not for tourists is around $300 a month secrete is go look and dont let the landlord know its for you. have a native do the hagling and get it in writing - u'll pay out the nose as soon as they here u speak, everyone wants the dollar. But if they know ur connected to a local thing go a little easier. now for jobs if u can get a US company/Dr to hire u and u work for them you'll only need one type of permit same as a Mexican immigrant appling to work here -gotta show money in the bank *cash not tied up* and a place of employment at the above noted Dr. These are mainely in tourist locations needing bilinguals and resort-type hospitals for well off travlers ie. electave surg. and the like. the other route is the same as immigrants to here from Mexico. apply for ur self s the Dr/US company backing. this process is 2 seporate immigration forms and a transfer of lisensure (all cases included usually requires u travel back to the US about q 6-9 mo for a renual stamp on the work visa) if still serious i've got all the form # wrote down somewhere and will post them to u. AND for licensure and saftey of ur on rear learn ALL your drugs and conditions in proper spanish then the lets call it by this name spanish. Board of Nursing for the state ur going to should be contacted for their requirements along with the national board of nurses at a Mexical consulat and then ask them to reccomend a drug book and study manuel that their students use to brush up on term'lgy in spanish. I've searched hard even had a girl there look for drug translation books to make it easier -none located. next time I go i'm gonna dig for myself, things run on island time -u get the best service if u go in person to everything wheather paying a light bill or refilling a script. Thats' another thing have u been sick there -pharmacies have and sell ur meds s scripts-s is the big spanish sin -no script. they are susposta be trained but uhh if i had listened to the guy at the pharmacy my kid would have had a major medical issue. with all typed would i still go? u bet. work there? yep. my experiances are as a person assimalated into the neighborhood not as a traveling tourist wanting to live there for some amount of time. if u do really go your eyes will be opened to poverty and a totally diffrent way of life. If nothing else my kids and I come back with a profound humbling love of life and a deep need to make a diffrance in anothers life. Not All Who Wander Are Lost.
  6. owlyhecate

    Are You a Member of the allnurses.com Grammar Police?

    Oh my! I think I went to the post for funny tales but ended up in english class. (did i forget a , somewhere) now I'll check all my old post and never post again.typing isnt my strong point -horrid LD- fear of writing of any kind held me back for so long, but I'm still a good nurse.
  7. owlyhecate

    Got No Job? Come be an RN !

    "Shining out of every bone in my body" ... I soooo feel that way. I will not miss work b/c I might miss something. I want to be there and be effective not b/c I want to be all important but, because I learn about fellow humans (for good and the bad) which makes me learn more about myself. I now have insights with pb&j sandwiches Sometimes I think its age coming on but most deff. it's the life path that choose me/ I chose it. Nursing isn't a job its a whole aura for me. You either hold the light of Flo inside or u don't. Hold ur head proud... We R Nurses!!!RARGH!!!!!!!lol
  8. owlyhecate

    Who hires newly license LPNS???

    Georgia usually requires 2 yrs. Try a small county jail(don't knock it till u try it). A:rolleyes:lot of guards are working on nursing. Helping people is the nature just in diffrent uniforms:nurse:
  9. owlyhecate

    Indiana ruling halts caregiver choices based on race

    As a CNA in a LTC facility many years ago (17 maybe) I had my share. But as a VERY light skinned black-native american I heard the comments that the darker complection people didn't hear... WHY? b/c I was sent in to help. It hurts me! Any racial *$!^ HURTS me. These older and/or just plain rasist people could be b/c of geografic location or upbringing. It dosen't matter, their mindset is so fixed they'd throw things and hit just for someone walking in the room. They'd welcome in the white aid that is ABUSING them, STEALING or just plain NEGLECTING them and these were not dementia pt.s. How sad, it was easy to tell who had done some klanish activity back in the day, and NO, I TELL NO JOKE (small very small community). Please for the love of humanity let's work on LOVE
  10. owlyhecate

    Do You Drink the Karmic Kool-Aid?

    You have put my rambling ideas into a nice neat summary. I came from a long line of healers and to experiance life as a nurse is humbling and INpowering. Everyday I learn of outward things which always brings a greater inward learning. Happiness is the best happy feeling When I was a little bity girl I wanted to be like Mother Teresa ....then
  11. owlyhecate

    Puerto Rico school feedback?

    In responce to comment of Profstudent4life. The interview isn't all about school name, loc or grades. Nurses are needed that can relate to a variety of pt.s. I know of some nurses that have done schooling abroad and they are WONDERFUL. To the org. poster do some work while ur around the school since they'll probable give u a chance quickly et help build up ur res c paid experance- thats what HRs look for when hiring. its getting ur foot in the door 1st. Best Wishes (enjoy the view)
  12. owlyhecate

    Nurse Campy Fancy Pants!

    Correctional nursing holds many challenges and looking the part is a MUST. White always commands respect even with the most difficult I/M. Spicing it up with some color at times is nice, and yes I to have those few outfits I wouldn't get rid of for anything. And my sweater. OH my sooo comfyyyy sweater :redbeathe
  13. I took NCLEX -PN last July 2009 and thought my nerves were the worst part. I grad. in March but I relaxed/dreaded it so just didn't study because I'd get hives from my nerves. I've alwasys beleaved it self will except when i was itching, even then said my mantras with zeal. Passed the 1st time. Hope RN is the same.
  14. I'm an LPN with almost a year of correction/jail nursing it's my 1st job out of school. Prisons u get i/m with basically stabalized conditions after long stents in county. Now county Jail /detention centers is an emergancy room, officer don't want to take people to the er 1st and sit for hours so u have to critical think before the cuffs come off- be like Dr House because nobody is honest about the handfull of *%$# they done when the blue lights came on. (doc is oncall prn... u have a few other nurses with u to help u out )I've had heartattacks, ods, beatings attempted sucide, sexual assualts, and the normal med surg health problems u name it PLUS all made worse 3 fold by years of drugs et etoh abuse.County has put me on my toes way more than prison. Honest i couldnt imagine doing anything else EVER. how cool is barffing-can't take an i/ms word -they have to save it any way they can so u can guess what? VERIFY !
  15. owlyhecate

    US Nurses Wishing to Work Overseas

    I'm here trying for the same -how to transfer my lpn to Mexico. Any news would be good news.