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  1. also use an ati fundamentals book lpn .. I sent out study material but I've heard the test changed from the one I took the last 2 years .. but it is only fundamentals and calculations as jaz stated
  2. Very fast paced .. everyone still worked while in the program from the recent graduating class ..
  3. LPN TO RN at Davidson Community College

    85.. Letters went out I heard
  4. LPN TO RN at Davidson Community College

    I'm currently enrolled you can email with questions
  5. DCCC 2016

    Good luck ! How'd u do
  6. Single working mom attending LPN school

    right here!! I was pregnant with a 4 year old at home.. I worked ft 32 hrs 3-11 straight out of class some days..I had family near who helped .. It's doable but hard .. Nursing school in general is hard
  7. CNA's not doing vitals & slow to answer lights?

    I had this problem as well at another facility.. However I always got my own vitals on the 22 pts I had.. Needless to say I was 30 mins behind on medpass.. Also it seems the facility needs to do some education with cnas on when to report and what to ...
  8. DCCC in NC

    I am currently enrolled in the program..clinical hours are 144 now .. Expect about 7 days on campus first semester and at least 8 second..
  9. NACE

    What school are you attending
  10. LPN to adn

    Any DCCC students out there starting August 2015
  11. Davidson LPN-RN 2015

    How'd u do
  12. Win $100! May 2015 Caption Contest

    1st day of nursing school... Next week he will be running the other way
  13. Dccc transfer courses

    No expiration only computer class expires
  14. Davidson LPN-RN 2015

    10 students sheeesh.. U got this
  15. Davidson LPN-RN 2015

    yes !! exact same requirements as davidson, model program!! apply before may 1st