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  1. BeJuled

    Neonatal CCRN

    Thank you for the input! I would just go straight for RNC but since I dont have the required 2 years yet, I was thinking of just doing CCRN in the meantime. Just deciding if it's worth the money. Has anyone taken the CCRN that can tell me anything about it?
  2. BeJuled

    Neonatal CCRN

    Hello everyone! Just curious if anyone has taken the Neonatal CCRN and, if so, how is it? What did you do to prepare for it? A board review course, review books, etc. Also what are your thoughts on that over RNC? I would just go straight for my RNC but two years of experience is required to take RNC and I am at just over a year, and since CCRN is doable after about 1 year, I'm hoping it will reinforce knowledge and look good for employers and if I plan to do NNP. Any input is much appreciated! :)
  3. BeJuled

    Introduction to NICU course

    Hello Everyone!!! If anyone could please give me some advice/insight it would be greatly appreciated!! I graduted with my ADN in December, passed the NCLEX in March and have been applying like crazy for jobs ever since but have not even had one interview. My DREAM is to work in the NICU and will do whatever it takes to get in there, even moving out of state! I just saw online that a hospital right by me is offering an Introduction to NICU course which is basically the classroom portion of the new grad program that their NICU hires go through....I was so excited when I saw that and immediately wanted to apply. The only thing is that its $1300..... and it goes from July all the way to the end of October (I'm also having a hard time realizing I may not have a job by then). Do you think this is worth it??? I can technically afford it but I am nervous to spend that much money at the same time when I don't know if it will truly give me a leg up or not. I am thinking I can take the course, enroll in an online bachelor's program, and hopefully land a NICU job if that course helps or hold out for a new grad spot ANYWHERE even adult med/surg Any advice/suggestions welcome!! Thank you :)
  4. BeJuled

    LVN or RN?

    I would go straight for your RN, I wish I would have. I'm having a really hard time finding an LVN job that will allow me to get my foot in the door somewhere to get an RN job and I'm not sure where you live but I'm in Sothern CA and it's really hard to get an RN job without already working in a hospital or having connections. Either way you are going to have to go to school for 2 years and most likely more if you do LVN to RN because the bridge program at schools around here have an extra bridge class to take. And its hard to get into bridge programs, some have a waiting list and lots of requirements! Just something to think about! If you aren't sure that nursing is for you then you might want to try LVN like the previous poster said but if you are 100% sure like I was then I would go straight for RN. Nevermind i see you said you live in Texas, maybe job opportunities are better out there!
  5. BeJuled

    LVN Experience to get RN job

    Thank you for the response Meriwhen. I'm definately hoping my LVN experience will give me an edge over people who don't have anything. Anyone else have any experience where this was helpful?? I'm just thinking that actual work experience will look better than getting straight A's in RN school...I just don't want to put myself through the stress of working while I'm in RN school if it will make no difference in the long run..
  6. BeJuled

    LVN Experience to get RN job

    Bumping this to hopefully get some feedback! :)
  7. Hello everyone!! So I'm just wondering if any of you have worked as an LVN while getting your RN and if that has helped you get an RN job??? Since it was almost impossible to get a LVN job in a hospital in my area, I just started working at a drug and alcohol detox facility and am planning on working there part time on the weekends while I get my RN. I'm doing this mainly for the experience (while the money is a plus) and am wondering if it is worth it to go through school with a job like this in order to have some real "nursing" experience when I apply for RN jobs... Do you think this will give me a better opportunity to get a RN job even though I'm not associated with a hospital??? Thanks in advance for any advice!! :)
  8. BeJuled

    Can lpns become addictions nurses?

    Maybe it depends on the area but I just got a job as an LVN in CA in a drug & alcohol detox and rehab facility. I'm still getting used to all of my duties but mainly I give meds, talk to the doctors and take orders, do admissions, drug testing, monitor withdrawal symptoms, send them to ER as necessary and I'm sure theres more but that's the majority of it! I like it so far, it can be stressful but I feel like its a good opportunity and a supportive working environment!
  9. BeJuled

    I got an extern job in the NICU!

    Kristen how do you apply for a nurse extern job? Do they post them or do you just need to contact the manager? I am in RN school now and am really hoping to get my foot in the door this summer with a job in a hospital and will pretty much take whatever I can get!
  10. BeJuled

    Palomar College Spring 2012

    Yes I got the Med Surg and it was just one book but I got it off amazon so I'm not sure if that makes a difference... They didn't have the clinical syllabus yet when I went.. I'm hoping when I go back on Friday they will have that and the N103 syllabus.
  11. BeJuled

    Palomar College Spring 2012

    Yess they did reccommend a rolling backpack!! And to have a box in your trunk to put all of your books in so you aren't missing any when you need one. I'm trying to decide if I am going to break down and get a rolling backpack because I used to be against them but it looks like I might need one! I got the syllabus for N117 and the student handbook those were the only ones there.. Does anyone know what books we need to bring the first day?? I was hoping it would be in the announcement on BB but it wasn't...
  12. BeJuled

    Palomar College Spring 2012

    I went to get the Nutrition and back tips and the lifting and moving patients today and they said they didn't have them yet.... were they in a different section than the books? They had no idea what they were!
  13. BeJuled

    Palomar College Spring 2012

    I live in orange county... but am hoping to move down closer to school. ummm as far as orientation just make sure you mail that paper to order the badges that will be sent to the school for the first day... a lot of the students that spoke recommended going through the math book before we start to be ahead because there isn't a lot of time to learn it once we start dosage calculations.. and also to review fluid & electrolytes, I'm trying to think of more and I will post it if I think of anything else! Where are your guy's clinical sites?? They said they were going to email us when the syllabus was available at school but I didn't get a email from them and since you already got it, maybe they didn't email us yet?
  14. BeJuled

    Palomar College Spring 2012

    Yes I was at the orientation. Did you guys buy all of your books yet? There were a couple I couldnt find on Amazon like the nutrition one so I'm guessing we can get them in the Palomar bookstore? Do you guys live near the school?
  15. BeJuled

    Palomar College Spring 2012

    I'm starting spring 2012!! But I don't live in Carlsbad haha sorry!
  16. BeJuled

    Palomar College nursing waitlist

    Well my number went down pretty fast so maybe you'll get in for Fall 2012.... Its a long story but basically I'm in an LVN program right now and will be done in december... but I REALLY want to get my RN as soon as possible.. so I'm thinking starting over and doing the generic RN will get me there faster than trying to bridge.. because by the time I get my LVN license and apply for transition courses then get on a waitlist for the bridge it will prob take longer than going the generic route. I know people think I'm crazy for considering it but I can work as an LVN while I'm in the RN. But I'm also considering taking my chances and going for the bridge but really don't want to miss the opportunity to get my RN since I've been waiting this long... Anyone want to give me any input or opinions on what I should do????

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