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  1. sadiesadie

    hondros college in columbus oh

    hi colemank02, I am a 3rd term student at Hondros Columbus. You will like this school alot, instructors are great and make learning quite fun. As far as the HESI just buy the study guide book and really practice the problems. If I rememer correctly, its a 4 parter. If its been awhile since you have had a math class, make sure you practice the problems. Its amazing what you forget after you have been out of school. Good luck and I hope you excel!
  2. sadiesadie

    Hondros in Cincinnati

    hi catrat Yep, we are expericing the same thing at hondros columbus. Various students have inquired about the "missing" pell grant money and the replies are pretty much same ole same ole...as soon as the monies arrive, the accounting dept processes immediately...and if they had it they would post it...people have asked for answers from financial aid person but no reply which is strange because shes very good at her job. seems almost like a covert operation taking place. when asked to contact the processors on the govnt end, we are told the accounting dept and the processors are in daily contact...ok..ifs thats the case, why no answers? hondros is a great school otherwise and the monies have always been distributed in a timely manner.