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  1. blkaffana


    Hello. I am a LPN of 10 years. I just separated from the Navy in July and am looking forward to starting school again for my RN. I was a hospital corpsman (much like a medical assistant) and have kinda been out of the nursing loop for 8 years, hopefully everything will come back once I start school.
  2. blkaffana

    Portland Area?

    http://www.nursingschools.com/states/maine-nursing-schools-programs.html Try this link. Southern Maine Community College, University of southern maine and University of New England are all within the Portland area.
  3. blkaffana

    Moving to Maine

    The schools that I know of up here all have waiting lists that are a year or two long, but you can give it a try. Here is a link that I found helpful http://www.nursingschools.com/states/maine-nursing-schools-programs.html Good luck :)
  4. blkaffana

    I failed Nclex today

    Sorry you didn't pass. I agree with those that said the NCLEX 4000. My hubby used it and said that some of the questions on the NCLEX were right from the CD. After using it for a few weeks before the boards he felt confident and walked out of the NCLEX saying that it was the easiest test he ever took. Good Luck :)
  5. blkaffana

    Any Jobs in New England for Entry Level

    I know my hubby has had a hard time finding a job up here in Maine. They are looking for nurses with experience not grad nurses. The grad positions that they do have available are far and few. Good luck to you. :)
  6. blkaffana

    What # of questions did u pass the NCLEX with?

    My hubby passed with 75, but remember that 80% of new grads pass the first time taking it. :)
  7. blkaffana

    My confidence is sinking

    Sorry to hear that you are having as hard time getting in touch with someone. It is best to be patient, but still let them know that you are interested. My husband is in the same boat that you are in. All the local hospitals are hiring nurses, but they want experienced nurses not new grads. He just graduated in May as well. How are you supposed to get any experience if they won't hire you. I don't get it. He applied to a few hospitals out of state and hopefully within the next week we will know if he has the job and if we are moving. Best of luck. Keep your head up.