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  1. sillygirl

    Drug Cards. Pleas Help

    Hi, in our clinical setting the instructor wanted a brief description of how it worked, what it did and important side effects not common side effects and important teaching/implications to the patient taking the drug and why the patient is taking the drug. classification, normal dosage etc.. example ASA (aspirin) inhibits prostglandlin production reduces fever swelling and pain and thins the blood (aggregation of blood clots) A/E stomach irritation /bleeding blood thinner
  2. sillygirl

    How many people actually have PDA's?

    Hi, I am getting ready to start my second year as an ADN student in Texas. I bought my PDA at the beginning of my first clinical. It was the most helpful thing I had. I had Tabers dictionary, Davis drug guide and nursing diagnosis handbook. I used it often during my clinical rotation in the nursing home as the nurses and my instructor was often not available for questions. There were no reference books available, it allowed me to be more self sufficient and work independently without having to ask alot of questions. In my second rotation at the hospital, one section had reference books and another didn't. I have since put a skills book, RN fast facts, diagnostic and labs manual on. When making my care plan I have alot of what I need at any time. it is also handy when you need to write something down and you dont have paper. I was writing stuff down when my patient was being transfered from one dept. to another for tests. I was the only one in my group to have one but since a few others have bought them. you can try programs throuhg skyscape and unbound medicine (google them) for a trial period to see if you like them. if you buy all your software from one of these companies you can cross reference them through the programs. There is also alot of free software out there. Merck Mobile offers free stuff which I also have and have used as refernce. Hope this helps and good luck.