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  1. BSN vs. ADN

    I am currently pursing my BSN to MSN to FNP. You better believe I'm doing this to not only advance myself, but to be recognized for my higher education and payed for it. Why do people go on for higher education? Money and recognition, not to menti...
  2. I don't really think their are any real safe settings left in nursing. With the technology and the turnover we see, just to make a buck, no care is truly good, safe care. I currently work on a surgical floor. On the average-7a to 3p you have 9 to ...
  3. Should I get a AsN or a BSN

    Go for your BSN. With the wave of medicine today and the advanced techniques, you will need your advanced degrees, i.e. BSN, MSN, APN.
  4. Why did you go into Nursing?

    We all go into nursing because we care for people. However, we all find our niches and develop our own special reasons for becoming and continuing to be a nurse. I am currently pursuing my FNP. I have many years to go, but it will all be worth it....