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  1. Is the ATI predictor accurate?

    I just took the ATI predictor for the first time and I was really nervous. I only got a 55% so I am really worried about not passing the NCLEX on the first time. My school provides the Hurst Review which I will be doing and I am doing Kaplan as well....
  2. Baylor Hospital

    Thank you for this insight. I will have my BSN when I graduate. I currently live in Illinois and was told by my current manager they would hire me in the ER when I graduate. I could stay and work here for 2 years and get experience and then look to m...
  3. Baylor Hospital

    I will graduate in 2015 and I want to work as a er nurse. I wanted to know for any nurses currently working at Baylor or who are familiar with the hospital how hard is it to get a job in their emergency department without any prior experience as an e...
  4. msoe nursing school

    I absolutely love the school. The teachers get to know you personally and really our concerned with you succeeding. The tutoring they offer in English, Math, Sciences. You can one on one help or group tutuoring if its the same students from a particu...
  5. How did you celebrate your nursing school acceptance letter?

    I was at work when I received the call from my admissions counselor that I was accepted. I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs. After I got of the phone I went outside and called my hubby and my kids and screamed then that I was accepted into the...
  6. New Grad positions, is anyone in WI hiring?

    I have a friend who's granddaughter works at St. Catherines' as a nurse. She was asked about getting her certification for TNCC as they were looking to apply for Level 1 status. This may have been put on the back burner but they were looking at it.
  7. St. Catherines Hospital (Kenosha)

    Does anybody work or know somebody who currently works at St. Cath? I am looking to work in the ER as a tech or unit secretary. I applied for an ER Tech and a Unit Secretary awhile back but did not get an interview. I have U.S. and PCT experience. No...
  8. Is there anyone currently going to MSOE for nursing?

    Can anyone help me with questions about the MSOE nursing program? Just would like to get some insight to there program and I have some other questions. I visit the school in July which I want to do after I have been accepted.
  9. I have been trying to get information from anyone going to Milwaukee School of Engineering for Nursing. Thanks
  10. Gateway Technical College (Kenosha) Students

    Just wanted to provide some more information as it relates to the SNI program that United Healh Systems has in for SNI. It can be done full-time with benefits and part-time no benefits. I also spoke with HR today asking about doing the SNI 1st year ...
  11. msoe nursing school

    Hi All, I will be attending MSOE (Milwaukee School of Engineering) Fall 2011 for nursing. I would like to know for those who attend or know anyone that goes there how the program is. The pros/cons and likes/dislikes of the program if any. Also, how a...
  12. Gateway Technical College (Kenosha) Students

    I wil be starting this fall at Milwaukee School of Engineering for their nursing program. I would like any feedback I could get as far as the program and the school. Also for the SNI at United Hospital I know you can get paid working full-time or not...
  13. Looking to move to Texas

    Thanks for the info. Where exactly in Texas are considered the rural areas? Also, what part of Texas do you live in? I would like to have 2 years of experience before I go. I currently work as UC and PCT at a hospital. What do you know about Ben Tau...
  14. New Grad positions, is anyone in WI hiring?

    Hi All, I will be starting at MSOE this fall and I am interested in doing a nursing internship if possible at Kenosha Medical Center or St.Catherine's( preferably). Did hear a couple of months ago St. Cath's is trying to get Level 1 status. I would e...
  15. Looking to move to Texas

    I am wanting to move to a warmer climate as I have lived in Illinois all my life. My kids will be going off to college in just a couple of years. I looked at Atlanta and even Florida. My hope is to have at least 2 years of ER experience under my belt...