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  1. SamAcct

    Grace and Love

    Wow, thanks for the touching story, God bless you! This is exactly why I want to become a nurse, genuine care for people.
  2. SamAcct

    Nurse hand me the...

    lol! I'm going to borrow this joke when I'm finally become a nurse.
  3. SamAcct

    Nursing School: Things To Know Before You Start!

    Thanks and God bless you!
  4. SamAcct

    It's your turn now, nurse!

    Congrats on your pregnancy and will definitely send some prayers and thoughts your way!
  5. SamAcct

    Crushed by "The Crud": Anatomy of a Sick Day

    I'm sorry, I really lol-ed! That was a funny piece, thanks for the laugh...now that we got that over with, I really hope you feel better.
  6. SamAcct

    I Didn't Know I Couldn't do it, So I did

    Wow, thanks and yeah maybe I do make some life changes, lol! My mom is a retired RN and of course she loves that someone in the family is following her. Folks like the OP and you should continue sharing your stories, it really motivates people like me, believe it or not.
  7. SamAcct

    I Didn't Know I Couldn't do it, So I did

    Wow, what an inspiring story! At 30, I thought I was too old to attempt changing careers, my family is supportive except my girlfriend who ridicules me of not knowing what I want to do in life. Sometimes it causes doubt but after volunteering at hospitals (yeah I know it's not close to what nurses do), I'm certain that's what I want to do, care for people which I'm good at and at the end of the day feel like you actually accomplished something, no matter how screwed up the day went. Thank you so much for your story and please do keep us updated!
  8. SamAcct

    Darn you, allnurses...Darn you all to heck!

    Lol! I love AN though, I get all sorts of advice and insights here hence my addiction. Case in point, last semester, I got great advice about study habits which I followed to get over my exam anxiety and got an A- in A&P. :yeah:Yeah so Nurses, Bra-the-heck-vo!
  9. SamAcct

    Daytonite has passed away...

    Agree 100%, RIP
  10. SamAcct

    Our new hire, new grad charge nurse

    True because my friends who just graduated with BSNs were all employed about 2-3 months after passing the NCLEX. It also depends where you are. I hope it's this way when I graduate.
  11. SamAcct

    Am I dumb or what?

    You know what? An hour before the exam yesterday, I took you guys' advice, walked around and took a quick nap and boy, that exam was a breeze! It sounds like a no brainer but I really never tried it before. I'm used to cramming right up to the time of exam regardless of whether I'm comfortable with the materials or not and that worked for me getting good grades in Actng. One good thing I'm getting out of this is to be flexible...as always, you guys rock and have a great weekend!
  12. SamAcct

    Am I dumb or what?

    Thank you all for your advice, I'll surely take it to heart and pray that I do better using the various techniques you guys have recommended. It's not that I don't understand the materials. I do, put in a lot of hours studying and learn by making it practical, it's the anxiety that is tripping me up. I'll try the relaxing before exam route. You guys ROCK! Thank you all!
  13. SamAcct

    Am I dumb or what?

    Thanks, I really do appreciate the advice. :)
  14. SamAcct

    Am I dumb or what?

    I turned to Nursing after deciding 4 yrs of Accounting wasn't for me despite the good money. I love the personable nature of doing your best to help an ailing person recover and that at the end of the day you actually do something noble regardless of the "bad" days rather than shuffling money around a spreadsheet. Volunteering at hospitals also helped in my decision. Problem? I feel like I'm really dumb! I'm taking A&P 1 & 2. I love the classes which does a great job of piquing my interest about the human body but when it gets to exams I FREEZE! My professor doesn't understand as I seem to be the one volunteering most of the right answers in lectures and lab and explaining concepts to my study mates. Right now I'm on pace to getting 'C's which is not going to cut it in applying to Nursing school so I'm repeating them again next semester, it will affect my chances but I really, really do not want to continue in Accounting. I have an exam today and I'm already miserable. I know it's not the same but I sort of breezed through Accounting and never had this kind of problem. Have any of you experience this kind of problem and how did you deal with it? Thank you in advance for your advice and God bless you! :)
  15. SamAcct

    The story is in the soil....

    *Sniff, sniff* Gr8 Story!
  16. SamAcct

    A&P 1 - how to study Histology?

    Arghhhh, I want to scream! I should have asked this question earlier, I just finished the lecture exam on joints and muscles, Lab is next week and this and the other sites would have helped me tremendously. You guys are a tremendous help to us rookies and thanks to the OP for asking this question. :)