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nursing student, northern ny

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  1. foothillscowgirl

    New Nurse to DON

    I've been an LPN for 10 years, all in skilled nursing. I just graduated with my RN and was offered a position as DON at one of my PRN jobs. My question is as a brand new RN would DON be a good career move? Or should I bite the bullet and get experience in the hospital first? If I go straight into a DON position now, where do I go from there? Im in my late 30's and will be completing my BSN in the fall
  2. foothillscowgirl

    Excelsior college

    Does any one know if things have changed with California? I read on the state website that there was a change and that now CA would accept EC if you tested in like an out of state resident? Any one know? Im still waiting to hear back form the admission counselor. Thanks
  3. foothillscowgirl

    lpn vs. lvn

    Hey guys. Im bout half way to getting my lpn licence in NY. My husbands stationed here with the army. But we are supposed to be moving back to CA in bout a year . Is there any difference between the lpn and lvn licence or are they interchangeable? Any information would be most helpful, thanks.