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Single Dad deciding its time to change my career. Realized when the economy went bad that other then what I do now, I am not marketable! So im gonna get them before the get me, lol

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    Can DUI keep you out of Nursing?

    Hey Karen, Im just starting out with the schooling to become a nurse and I have had a similar situation as you. The main thing you should do is become familiar with the law. Every situation falls into a different category and level of misdemeanor. The application for the nursing school you applied should have said what kinds of offenses that would prohibit you from attending the program. You either fall into those offenses or you dont. I dont want to pry into your personal situation but Did you go through an ARD program, was this your first offense, Did you do any mandatory jail time (other then the sleeping it off part), Did you pay all fines and take all required classes...If its not your first offense you can stop reading this From my personal exp. My BAC was very high and my first offense. I completed the ARD program and my record has been expunged. 3 years later the only people who know is Penndot and Buck Co. DA office. I applied and recieved my license to carry a concealed fire arm by the DEL co Sherrifs dept....which is not easy to get with a criminal record. So expungement works big time! If you have not attempted to expunge your record. You absolutely sould do this ASAP. Either call the District attorneys office in the county that the offense occured and tell your story see if they can help or at least direct you or have your lawyer do it. You seem like a hard worker so I would advise you call yourself and save the lawyer money. This is something you can do without them....trust me. Besides even if you get the rights to be an nurse....it doesnt mean someone will hire you with a DUI on your record simply because of companies insurance regulations. I have been a service manager for 12 years and I am not allowed to hire anyone with a DUI or drug offense Period. Kinda hypocritical I know, lol Good Luck Karen, hopefully I will run into you in 3 yrs and we will both be nurses p.s typed on Black berry sorry for typos