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  1. parks71

    New Nurse Graduate-ASN

    Do not listen to these people, yes the job market is tough every where but you can find work as a ADN nurse. I just moved from FL on Oct. 1st 2011, yeah last month, with a ADN and got the first job I applied for and I am a new grad. A girl I graduated with in August, moved out here too at the same time and got a job as an ADN. My wife, who does have 10 years experience, got a job as an ADN. Great attitude, good resume will beat out a BSN with a poor resume/attitude any day. BSN does not make them anymore of a nurse than you are. Private message me and I'll give you 2 hospitals (I had a another offer from another hospital as a ADN SHOCKER) to apply at that I know for sure hire ADN's.
  2. parks71

    RN-BSN program with out all the crap

    Thanks for the heads up on thoses schools, I will look into them. The one that looks interesting now although I have no requested information yet is Slippery rock university, anyone have any info on this? Is Chamberlain like Phoenix? I just know Phoenix is frowned upon by some.
  3. I am in my last semester of a state school ADN program. I graduate in August and am looking for a RN-BSN program to get started right away. I know most of the programs require passing the NCLEX first but I want to find the right school for me so I can start any General ED or prereqs required. I will have about 84 credit hours when I finish in August and most BSN require 120-125 credit hours. The problem is, some of these BSN programs want me to get all these general education courses like history, arts, and all this stuff that I feel is totally irrelavant to a BSN. I dont mind doing a class or two, like statistics or what not, but I dont want to take 20-30 credit hours of BS classes and then only 30 credits of nursing applied classes. Are there programs that give you 50+ credits for the ADN, maybe some for being a nurse, and then you have to earn 30-60 credits or actual nursing classes to earn a BSN. I also want it regionally accredited so I can get a MSN and the credits will transfer and I dont have to start this mess all over again. The program needs to be 100% online because I might be moving to find a job. I dont mind clinicals though with mentors or what not. Price is not really an issue, I just want a good program. Thanks for any suggestions!
  4. parks71

    Sanford Brown Jacksonville

    So lets say you go to this school and become an RN then want to get your BSN, will all those classes you took transfer to another college? I hear they wont.
  5. parks71

    Sanford Brown Jacksonville

    I didnt think it was accredited. I know there was a post on these forums of how terrible the school was, search for it. The thing is right now the economy is in the tank and there is no nursing shortage so jobs are hard to come by even if you go to a great school. New grads are having a hard time finding jobs. Nurses know why people go to stanford brown type schools, because they cant get into the real schools due to poor grades. When you have 400-500 applicants for 20 or so jobs like they do now, if I were hiring, I'd eliminate the people from schools like stanford brown right off the bat because I know they couldnt get into the competitive programs due to grades. Thats just my opinion.
  6. parks71

    FCCJ SPRING 2010

    So how many pages of assigned reading would you guys say you have each week with all classes combined? Thanks.
  7. parks71

    FCCJ SPRING 2010

    Thanks, I also heard you will be doing dosage calcs this semester but not IV drip factors? Is that true? Are drip factors for semester 2 or the first semester? In chapter 4 of the Pharm book at the end they are doing drip factors.
  8. parks71

    FCCJ SPRING 2010

    For dosage calculations, are they just using the metric system or are they also making you convert with the apothecary system too? Thanks.
  9. parks71

    FCCJ SPRING 2010

    I agree, the diversity program is BS and I am a minority. I dont want a nurse taking care of me that didnt have the grades but was a certain race/gender. Sorry, I would want the best of the best taking care of me, not someone who got in due to some loop hole. If you dont have the points, go retake the NAT or redo a math class like everyone else. I also have 218 points so I'm not mad because I didnt make it in. I do however feel there should be something that regulates that you do infact hire minorities once you become nurses but not to become a nurse. Just my 2 cents.
  10. parks71


    College Algebra is nothing new compared to the other algebras you have taken other than the fact it teachs you how to use it in real world applications which IMO is very important for a field like nursing. People seem to like to take the easy way out. If you were in the hospital or your family member, would you want the nurse that had a high GPA and went through a hard school to get her degree or the nurse that had just ok grades and looked for every short cut there was to get thier degree? Would you feel good about a nurse loading your IV with meds and doing dosage calculations when they are scared of taking college algebra? I know I wouldnt. As one teacher put it, nursing school is not looking for good students, they are looking for the great students. Sure, there are ways around it but a lot of people know those shortcut schools. I know someone who cheated a lot through nursing school. After taking her NCLEX 4 times, she has yet to pass and honestly I hope she never passes. It will catch up to you.
  11. parks71

    FCCJ Summer 2010 hopefuls...

    wow nice job on the NAT. You crushed it, you will be there for summer for sure! If you get 190 points u should get in. If anything less than you wont know for sure until then. Yes you can apply each semester if you get declined.
  12. parks71

    FCCJ Summer 2010 hopefuls...

    the reason you are getting too many points for the NAT score is because either you are adding in spelling and vocational or you are doing acidemic apptitude 2 times. It gives you 3 scores in each area, math, verbal, and non verbal then it combines ALL THREE into one score. If you are doing all three plus the total, you will exceed 120. Hope this helps but yeah, then multiply by .64 and that is the amount of points you get!
  13. parks71

    FCCJ Summer 2010 hopefuls...

    I will be going next summer as well. I just took my NAT test and did pretty good on it. You said you were going to study for it but there is not much you can study for. I would brush up on your basic math like % and fractions but other than that I dont think there is anything you can study for. I have micro, A&PII and human growth this semester and I am done. I guess I will take a few classes in the spring just to keep me busy while I await the summer. I am looking forward to it though!
  14. parks71

    NAT Test FCCJ

    I am about to take this test for FCCJ and am not clear on one thing, do I leave the ones I do not know blank or take my best guess? Thanks for anyone that can help me out.

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