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  1. The AMA did a study and published it in 2008 and found that Medicare denied 6.85% of claims, a figure that is larger than any of the largest private insurance companies. It is also more than twice the average of all the private insurance companies. ...
  2. Health Care is a right

    I realize I'm late to this poll, and that my opinion basically means nothing to anyone but myself, but I just have to answer. I believe that the inalienable rights, the rights that we have simply because we live, are not granted to us by government, ...
  3. Medicare cuts affecting Nursing homes

    This is a glimpse into the future, and will be made even worse if the current health care 'reform' bill passes. The hardest hit will be our elderly parents, grandparents, all who qualify for Medicare. The older they are, the less reliable the gove...
  4. OK. Here is some "unbiased" info. This is a link to the House Bill 3200, and it is online, not a pdf you have to download. You can read and browse, and can skip around using the clickable table of contents. All the other links I have seen have be...
  5. wowza, Thank you for adding the information about the Heritage Foundation. I intended to say that, I had in a post on another site, but forgot to. Heritage Foundation has been around since 1973, and its mission is to "promote conservative public po...
  6. Ah, yes, With respect, I do not consider that website to be at all unbiased. It's purpose is only to push the Democratic plan. The blogger has worked for Obama since during the primaries, and is currently affiliated with SEIU, which ha...
  7. Just joined this site this morning and have spent most of the time since reading this thread. I wanted to know what other "in-the-trenches" RN's around the country thought about this. After reading most of the replies, I wanted to add only a few po...