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medical/surgical, acute care, psych.
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pcolaqtfighter77 specializes in medical/surgical, acute care, psych..

i was born in miami florida , iam currently an lpn who works in a busy medical s/surgical hospital. i workout, and teach martial arts. i body build as well.currently an RN student

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  2. pcolaqtfighter77

    Is nursing a sick , petty , vindictive world?

    while i agree with it not being puppies and daisies, statistics have shown that hostile working environment complaints, grievances, and preferential treatment of employees, is much hire in nursing. MY solution: Get a grip. Quit blaming other people for why you didnt do something, why u ran 5 minutes late, your husband drama, and last but not least...being nice to someones face, and then stabbing them in the back out of petty jealousy, and emotional unstability, which runs rampant in this field. IF you cant handle the stress, (im speaking to everyone) then get out...with exception to those who have viable grievances and discrimination complaints, in which caser, i say QUIT HUFFING AND PUFFING ABOUT WHO SAID WHAT TO WHO, OR WHAT NEW RULE IS DISCRIMINATION, TAKE YOUR A@@ TO HUMAN RESOURCES ANF FILE ON IT, OR FEDERAL EEOC AND FILE IT !! THE MORE YOU BADMOUTH PEOPLE ON THE JOB, THE BETTER YOUR CHANCES TO OPEN YOURSELF UP FOR DEFAMATION AND SLANDER SUITS, FOR YOU AND YOUR EMPLOYER (AGAIN, CHECK THE NUMBERS)
  3. yes, i felt this way in nursing school, it made it worse when i dated another classmate, and we broke up, the whole class turned against me,,,i became a womanizer and "safety" concern by one of the instructors,,,,i wish i could tell you it gets better,,,there is wide open, little talked about discrimination in nursing against males..the cases where they are paid more, yada yada are few and far between....you are HYPERVISIBLE, anything you do, will stand out, and males are disciplined statistically quicker than female coworkers (check the numbers) read my latest post...other than nursing school, never experienced this that bad, till i came to ALaska 4 months ago....(Fairbanks) email me back for support:)
  4. not so good at this point Tam, went to work for a facility in Fairbanks and was quite displeased with the treatment of me based on certain things, simply amazing, private message me for details,,,,,thanks
  5. thank you very much...iam finally here..after 9 days of driving 8 hours a day...lol...i applied for, and hopefully am expecting an interview this week from a prospective employer......still scheduled for excelsior tests at pearson UAF campus ft wainwright....i didnt see any listings for department of corrections lpn openings,,,but that would be up my alley as well, since i did a year and a half jail nursing, as well as being a former police officer....if you happen to see or hear of any DOC lpn job openings in Fairbanks, if u can remember, please let me know....i subscribed and belong to the Alaska job service now (alexys i think it is) anyhow keep in touch, i dont know a soul up here..we move in housing on eielson afb this friday......steve
  6. thanks for your advice...we made it to eielson afb in 9 days, all the way from florida, driving 8 hour days then stopping...living in north pole till this friday, got base housing already...we got lucky...i applied for a job once i got my alaska temp license while still in florida...i was contacted by the diector in fairbanks and should be interviewing this week.....as for my excelsior studies iam slated to take essentials of health care safety at the pearson UAF campus on March 4th,,,wish me good luck...other than the nursing concept tests, i think i need a/p 2---which i can take local distance learning and tfer (already took a/p 1 in fl--if i took the excelsior a/p 6 credit course i would have to do cardiac heart electric matrix again, im not going there..lol) i plan on doing one test a week, especially if i work full time...i bought study guides from study group 101 for each nursing test..plus i browse through the med surge book in conjunction with the sylibus....alaska is nice..its 15 f outside, and feels like 40f people tell me it has been a very kind winter....anyway i hope to get a job quickly....where i come from Iam IV certified, all but pushing narcs IV..the Alaska practice act looks pretty much the same as fl, except for minor differences...IM pretty good at IV's, and i had a friend who used to live in Juneau (LPN) and she used to start IV's..not a biggie, but sometimes the more skills the more marketable,,,my old hospital in Florida required me and other LPN's to take and pass ACLS, PALS and standard provider BLS...either way it will prepare me to become an even better RN once im at that stage...please KIT...i dont know a soul up here !!!!
  7. pcolaqtfighter77

    The Best and Worst things about being a male nurse

    i dont mind helping,,,,iam a nurse and 5ft 10, 225 lbs solid,,,,but even big muscular guys have backs as well.....and despite the physique, they break down and hurt.....and the first time you say no to someone....they usually hold a grudge (i never have said no, but you can tell people freak out if u say hold on a little bit...) just stating the truth....if patients are so big to lift, and hoyers dont work....the responsability has to be shared,,,any way you look at it, it is genderizing...
  8. Ok guys, iam due to arrive in Eielson AFB on 17 Feb...Iam former navy, my wife is active duty AF---i have paid for and received my Temp LPN license from Alaska.....I should finish Excelsior College's LPN to RN transition within 14 months....My question is since the LPN job market is virtually nil in this area, can i work as a CNA in Alaska off of an LPN license? In Florida LPN's used to fill CNA spots all the time when CNA's were shortstaffed, as they fall within the learned practice.....I have no problem working as a CNA in Alaska, as i did it for 2 years prior to becoming an LPN in Florida----I currently hold an Active Florida LPN license, an expired CNA license in Florida( no reason to renew when i received my LPN) and an active temporary LPN license for Alaska...any and all info received on jobs, making friends, and whether or not i can work as a CNA will be helpful.....we are driving the enrtire way from Fort Walton Beach Florida, through BC, and due to arrive 17 FEB...i need to work 25-35 hours per work, bottom line...thanks !!!
  9. Deleted for privacy concerns
  10. Hey guys, have tried posting before, and had no replies....dont even know if iam posting correctly, but here it goes....Iam an LPN in Florida, 4 years, all Med Surge hospital/ACLS cert...Iam appx 8 months away from my clinicals to finish my RN bridge with excelsior college...my question is, i will need to find employment, 25-30 hours/wk....We will be living on Eielson AFb, so the immediate area of Eielson, Ft Wainright, North Pole, and Fairbanks are my options for employment....Can anyone tell me are there a need in this area for LPN's? average pay? i know most hospitals in Alaska want RN's, im ok with that, will be there soon enough....I have already been granted a TLPN license by Alaska (good until 7/2010) if anyone can provide any info on job advice, other than Federal employment, (have already applied for those and am waiting) i would greatly appreciate it !!!---My wife and i are driving the whole way, we cant wait !...any and all advice appreciated.....
  11. pcolaqtfighter77

    How do you document when drug withheld?

    In florida, United states, we initial, if a paper MAR, and circle the initial. Its good practice to also make a nurses not to justify your actions....if it was a drug such as coumadin/warfarin, i would definately notify MS if a pre arranged parameter wasn't written....sorry, didnt realize u were asking for Austrailian nurses...lol us damn Americans....:)
  12. pcolaqtfighter77

    Re: Does anyone regret becoming an LPN?

    i do not regret becoming an LPN first,,,iam a nw Florida LPN, former EMT, have worked 3 years med surge, IV certified, and worked along RN's on the floor, doing everything they do, with exception to narcotic IV pushes....iam currently appx 7 mos away from having my ADN from excelsior college....and am moving to Fairbanks Alaska...where3 i know Rn jobs are plentiful, not so sure about LPN's---i dont regret anything, starting at the bottom (CNA) and moving up...Iam an LPN, and proud, even having my RN hopefully soon....In a hospital setting....perseverence, good assessment skills, and knowledge base are your key...half the doctors, dont know or care3 if you are an RN or LPN...If the scope of practice is ever parallel or exact, the pay should be as well...wont forget where i came from
  13. Deleted this entry for prIvacy please disregard
  14. pcolaqtfighter77

    Microbiology 2010 (TIPS)

    well, i did micro distance learning (excelsior) lol which was twice as hard,,,,more dry than a class room, but the basic course content is the same...know infections, and phases of infection,,,what hormones interact with what and when...i took it a few years ago, but i do believe infections, and infection chains (host, mode of transmission...etc,,,,was a biggie...hope it helps....
  15. pcolaqtfighter77

    Is nursing a sick , petty , vindictive world?

    it is sad....but there are some very vindictive personalities in this field....i fudes, jealousy, and gossip, ind that many nurses do not want to take responsibility for their actions, and quite frankly complain about quite a bit...even trivial things....it draqgs morale down, and i have worked in a hospital setting and long term area....i find that the nurses who were ex-military, do not usually get caught up in this "crap" the touch of helping people is why i became a nurse....many people cannot manage their own stress, and tend to lash out at others,,,with all this being said...i love being a nurse, and performing my job...but the attitude, gossip, and lack of responsability of many nurses is what makes us look unprofessional...
  16. pcolaqtfighter77

    Is anyone doing Excelsior under the New Curriculum??

    Iam a male lpn who is going through excelsior,,,,my grades have been good, although i went and took essentials oh health/safety without studying, figuring i knew2 it...i failed miserably...since i have been studying the excelsior study guide....studygroup101 notes, and a good old fashioned(but up to date) med surge book, geared toward whats being tested...i test feb 4th 2010,,,my goal is one test every 4 weeks after that.....any feedback or info, bring it on,,,,iam under new curriculum...