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  1. Charmom


    at choclablover , you said the mckendree has an accelerated program. do they have an accelerated program for peps like me who already have a bachelor degree and wants to get another for nursing? if so, what's mckendree requirement like gpa? thanks
  2. Is there a LPN program in SWIC, southwestern illinois college? If yes, how long to complete and required courses? General question about the program.
  3. Charmom

    Anyone attend or have info on SWIC?

    Are the teachers flexible with the clinicals time or they pretty strict with the times to the point I have to work around the schedule? I ask this because I do not want to quit my evening job during the program.
  4. Charmom

    Anyone attend or have info on SWIC?

    Woosh. I was worried there for a moment. Thank you for the clarification.
  5. Charmom

    Anyone attend or have info on SWIC?

    I was told there was no wait list. If there is, do you know how long? If you do receive a great score like 18, would you be waiting a long time or be bumped to the top. I'm curious how this wait list works.
  6. Charmom

    Anyone attend or have info on SWIC?

    I will be applying soon. However, I hear it's very hard to be accepted because many people apply. They take the best scores. I hear either 18 or 15, can't remember which one exactly, has been the least amount for the last 3 years. I maybe wrong. If you contact the nursing department, I believe they give you this information. Wish you the best!!
  7. Charmom

    Anyone attend or have info on SWIC?

    Thank you so much for the great information. I have more questions to ask. Sorry. Eek. Do you know if I receive my RN at SWIC, will it be transferable to a university like SIUE/UMSTL/STLU so I may get my BSN? Once again, thank you so much for answering my questions.