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  1. viposse

    What have you done without a Dr. order???

    Does your hospital/floor have Protocols? These are pre-written orders which specify what steps a nurse can take based on clinical outcomes. If not, suggest them; I did. The doctors like it because it reduces the number of calls they receive and it promots prompt action for situations. In the case of labs, once the results are available, decisions on treatments can be made by the doctor right away. Less delay of treatment. In the ICU/IMC/telemetry units that I work it is standard procedure. What I have also learned: do not excede your scope of practice. You can will be fired for it!!!
  2. viposse

    What's up with this? Interview denied....

    Like it was said --- times will change. When I first wanted to go to nursing school in the early to mid 90's, I was told there was a nursing glut in Metro DC region and it was clogged all the way down to Richmond, VA. Then the late 90's and 2k came and you could get 10 offers for jobs in 10 minutes. It seems the cycle has come around to favor the employer. Be that as it may, it still is common courtesy to treat job candidates fairly and with respect.
  3. viposse

    What's up with this? Interview denied....

    Same thing happened to me--twice. I interviewed at two hospitals and I have 9 years experience. In both instances, I did not get the position. I did receive notices that "another candidate was selected", but the position is still open. Another position opened up times two and I did not get a call to re-interview. I wondered if it was my resume, my references, my background check, my uniform or the shape of my nose. I am totally unclear why I was not selected. Any suggestions comments?
  4. viposse

    New Grad starting off in ICU

    I too started straight out of nursing school in the IMC/ICU. I am now nine years a nurse and here is my advice: buy a good physiopathology book, an excellent critical care reference book, a pocket reference book to keep on your person; get a good preceptor and understanding supervisor; put night work (when you are stronger) in your rotation. In that way, you can learn to work more independently and with less resources. Study when you can, but don't overload or "overthink" everything. Expect to cry, expect to make mistakes, and demand to learn. Eventually, you will be a strong ICU nurse.
  5. viposse

    My journey with a criminal history

    I have a criminal history which is tax fraud 10 years old and 6 years old on the federal level. I did serve prison time. My problem has not been the nursing board, but with employers who do not hire me because of my criminal history. I was on probation and a federal judge said my tax fraud had no relation to my profession, and no "third party" notification was required by the Probation Department. However, I have been declined jobs because I was convicted of a felon. In addition, I am a victim of identity theft and my name, birthdate, and ssn were used by persons to commit crime and were used while the person was incarcerated. I cannot have them expunged due to the fact I did commit a crime. My questions is, what shall I do? Wait until 7 years pass or what? I am becoming more and discouraged in trying to find a job ( I have a license) with a criminal history. Any suggestions?