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Cardiology (ITU), Acute Renal/Dialysis
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pussycat66 has 9 years experience and specializes in Cardiology (ITU), Acute Renal/Dialysis.

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  1. pussycat66

    Do you regret going into nursing?

    Not sure what you mean? :)
  2. pussycat66

    Patient 'dumping' burdens hospitals

    BRAVO TO YOU :redbeathe
  3. pussycat66

    Patient 'dumping' burdens hospitals

    Elkpark, are you really a nurse or someone who ate the book about immigration law?
  4. pussycat66

    Patient 'dumping' burdens hospitals

    oh dear! here we go again, now you're classing illegal immigrants alongside drunk drivers & those who hold up stores with guns, "comparisons are odious" (Shakespeare) , obviously the problems here are social, what is it about our western (civilised) society that breeds these problems? Again, I would argue that as a Nurse, I do not deal with "violations of the law" I deal with human suffering! "There's something rotten about the State...." ( Hamlet, Shakespeare) of America maybe? :redbeathe
  5. pussycat66

    Patient 'dumping' burdens hospitals

    Like I said I would apologise for misunderstanding original quote.Yes the people hiring illegal immigrants should pay for their medical care, however, being British, I believe in "free health care for ALL at the point of contact" legal or not. But that is not the way in America & I respect that but dont agree with it. The illegal immigrants on the other hand, are the vulnerable ones in all this, why have they taken the risks to become an illegal immigrant, sometimes risking their lives & having to leave their families,in Mexico, for example.? Thats the question we need to ask. Also I have a problem with having "a sytem of consequences for violation of immigration laws" within healthcare. We're all human & all live on Earth, the end of Nationalism world do us all a world of good. BE KIND TO YOUR FELLOW BEINGS :redbeathe ps I'm a Nurse not a law enforcemnet officer /Police
  6. pussycat66

    Patient 'dumping' burdens hospitals

    Right, I agree completely & apologies for my misunderstanding.
  7. pussycat66

    Obesity and shift work in hospital setting.

    I'm in a similar boat to you and am now into my 40's. The answer I think is exercise but like you say WHEN? Thing is we've got to be honest with ourselves and use "idle" time to move. My health is suffering now & i'd like to make it to retirement & enjoy any Grandchildren I may have by then. Good luck
  8. pussycat66

    To the RN I just had hospital orientation with today....

    "Aint necessarily so", my last employment prior to nursing was as a chef. I clean bottoms & bed bath with (almost) everyone else in my team - thats the meaning of team work. Also, my students learn that it's not in their patients best interests to be "too posh to wash". team players rule :dancgrp:
  9. pussycat66

    How to deal with Manager humiliating me - twice now!

    Thank you so much for your constructive & really helpful advice. I agree with you and I will keep a watchful eye on whats going on. I work with some very clever people, unfortunatly that is not matched by their intelligence & awareness. I am determined to do what I think is right, both for me & my patients. Your comments have given me confidence, much love :redpinkhe
  10. pussycat66

    Patient 'dumping' burdens hospitals

    I just picked myself up off the floor! do you live in a dictatorship! I thought America was the "land of the free" a great melting pot - pol pot more like! Please tell me I've misunderstood & I will apologise
  11. pussycat66

    Late career choice @ 35

    Yes it's "brill" that we can get our heads together from across an ocean :redpinkhe such useful & thoughtful advice is one thing, but the camaraderie that it has been given with is lovely and refreshing :redpinkhe you're so right, I can almost write their script and hear them argue that what they have done or said isn't bullying but being "honest" or "assertive" Thats a common way around here after insulting someone - just say " I'm only being honest"!!!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaahrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhhh But as my lovely Grandma used to say - "take insults as compliments from the lower class" LOL thats from a real working class Grandma who learn't the hardway through life & was very kind & humble :redbeathe:redbeathe:redbeathe:redbeathe:redbeathe Take care , I will be in touch
  12. pussycat66

    You know you've been in Nursing TOO long when...

    HONESTY! a scarce thing these days lol thank you
  13. pussycat66

    Late career choice @ 35

    Thank you thats so helpful I am to be honest worried about my job but if I can leave documentation of this in my file & believe that it will stay confidential until I need to use it then that is an option. Including the bullies in an education programme would be great. Thanks again- its certainly food for thought :hug:
  14. pussycat66

    I work with a DUMB nurse!

  15. pussycat66

    Teaching - can anybody help me????

    Yes thats a point but theres always bank & from what our teachers said when I was training, a certain amount of "on the floor" nursing was expected in order to maintain PIN. Thank you again
  16. pussycat66

    Are they trying to get rid of me? Will I make it as nurse?

    Thank you I am interested in Palliative Care so much so that I have asked to be put on the rolling education programme with my hospital. Funny, but for the last 2 yrs I have also asked but the " psychotic princesses" also wanted to so I got knocked back! hhmmm ahhh well 3rd time lucky! :) Yes working with men is so much more enjoyable, simple & less stress :redbeathe