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  1. Hello, I'm currently taking Oakton community college classes to transfer to UIC. I'm planning to apply for the 2011 fall program and I'm really confused about the application process. Because I heard that to apply to the UIC nursing school, u have to be admitted to UIC first right? So do I have to apply to UIC as liberal arts and get admitted and then apply to nursing school??? I'm gonna finish all my pre-reqs next spring at oakton and planning to take one summer class in UIC to finish 57 credit requirement. I'm really confused about the process. Please help if you have transferred to UIC nursing school. Thanks a million!!!
  2. wl1000jae

    Patient 'dumping' burdens hospitals

    As a South Korean immigrant and a tax payer in US, I understand the both sides' situations. When I came to U.S. for the first time, before I took naturalization and become a legal citizen, Our family was so poor and could not afford health insurance and when many times me or my brother got sick[we were just kids], we couldn't go to the hospital because we KNEW it's gonna cost a lot without health insurance. The only time I've been to hospital was when I got into car accident, then the car insurance would cover my hospital bills. I understand the agony and the hardship those koreans are going through because my family was in the same shoes. I don't understand why US healthcare is so expensive and hard to get it for the immigrants. I don't mind paying taxes for the poor sick people whether they are illegal or not because I've been there and if the government can provide cheaper alternative healthcare then I would be glad for it, unlike some selfish people who only think of themselves.
  3. wl1000jae

    questions regarding air force nurse

    ahh....unfortunately I'm not U.S. citizen yet I hold green card and I can(and will) apply for citizenship in 2012...So can't apply for ROTC now. Besides I'm in community college now doing pre nursing classes...planning to transfer to state school where I can get my BSN. That's why I asked about if AF would pay my loan after or during school..oh well. But thank you very much for your post.
  4. Hello!! I have questions regarding joining air force as a nurse. 1) Would AF pay for my college tuition during nursing school or after school?if during school, when should I apply for it? 2)How long is the contract usually for repaying my loan(with or without bonus)? 3)After contract is done, am I free to live as a civilian? or would military call me again if needed? 4)Can you choose where you want to be stationed at overseas? or would AF deploy me wherever they need to? 5)How hard is COT? 6)In AF would nurse usually do flight nursing or can you choose your specialty?(ex. pediatric, OR, NICU) 7)Do you require prior nursing experience in AF or is new grad ok for AF nursing? I would appreciate it if anyone in AF nursing can answer my questions... I'm currently attending community college taking pre-nursing courses, and planning on transferring to state university to get my BSN. Thanks a lot!!!
  5. wl1000jae

    Ten Things A Nurse Doesn't Want to Hear

    Ok I'm not a nurse, I'm just nursing student but ugh, I hate when people say 'you want to become a nurse? all they do is clean up people sh**.' I mean come on!! Do they even know nursing? It's just ridiculous.