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  1. Though this is almost a year later with a response, I took them both @ Amarillo College in Texas, passed both too online.
  2. trying2banrn

    I hate nursing school....really thinking about leaving?

    You may need to psycho analyze yourself and see where you are messing up. I have to take every paragraph and write down the importance of it. I am a read/writing learner. Yeah, find out first how you learn, find a test to help you establish that connection. The way to study for nursing is not like the usual classes. What subjects are you on and maybe some people can give you advice of how to follow. Keep on going, you sound like you are not to sure of your self, and find if you are ADD/ADHD.
  3. trying2banrn

    Do you guys see a lot of people saying they are nursing students....

    I cannot stand when people say they are in the program, and either taking pre-reqs or waiting to get signed up for them. There is a huge difference between the two, for in the program there is nursing insurance, you have to PRACTICE doing nursing work, where as pre-reqs you are not required to get nursing student insurance, a uniform, and legally sign your name with NS or SN at the end of it. I was a CNA, I am in nursing school and the two are quite different considering everything from A to Z is different. CNA's may do some of what a nurse can do, but nothing invasive, they dont document in SMART, and nursing students are more liable, have to make a higher grade than those in pre-reqs, and it just isnt close to being in the nursing program. I think that many people say that to make their self look more important or actually working towards what they want, when in fact, it is a lie to say you are in a nursing program when you aren't. It is a lie and illegal for a nursing student to say they are an LPN or RN.
  4. trying2banrn

    Care Plan for impaired parenting

    I need help! I am thinking of doing this ND- impaired parenting r/t young age(19), lack of parenting skills(first time mom), not keeping infant 100% safe while being held e/b baby falling from mom's arms to floor at one day old. pt will keep baby safe while holding her by not reaching over baby's head and endangering her to fall to the floor. Nurse will verbally teach her that the things should be moved like the tray table and things needed for her to reach without reaching over the baby's head before picking up the baby. Pt verbally acknowledge the reason why because I told her that she can drop her again and next time the baby may not be ok like the first time. Nurse will access pt holding child, observing pt doesnt reach over baby's head to get an item off of the tray table.
  5. trying2banrn

    May give up my dream of being a nurse

    If you need anything, my personal email is aprilrainslayer@yahoo.com
  6. trying2banrn

    May give up my dream of being a nurse

    You may want to look into New Mexico. There is NMSU in Las Cruces, Carlsbad, Alamorgordo and ENMU of Roswell, Portales/clovis. There is Amarillo, TX as well. Dont give up being a nurse because you will forever regret it if that is what you really want in life. NMSU-C is one of the best as what I was told.
  7. trying2banrn

    Compassion or reality for obese patients?

    It makes me wonder why people are obese. I am obese myself. I do not over eat, in fact, I HATE food. I have hypothyroidism, a collapsed left artery where I am on my third for it, I have had heart surgery, epilepsy, asthma, and I can go without eating for a whole week and I did this, and still gained a pound! I hate being fat, I NEVER was this big like this and get this, when I am pregnant, I gain 25 lbs per baby. I didnt gain nothing w/my first son till 3rd trimester, and 50 with the twins, then 25 w/my second set of twins w/one surviving twin outside utero. I drink sugar free drinks and about to go nuts. I am dx gluten intolerant, gastritis, I swell, and more. Yeah, I wrote a lot of stuff that is wrong with me, and I am blessed because there are others who are less fortunate, but I HATE being fat...to me, obese people are disgusting no matter what problem they have, and I am speaking about my self as well. PS, does anyone have any knowledge of any books outside of nursing that will help with ped dosage calc?
  8. I took A and P 1 and 2 @ the same time on line through amarillo college fall 2009.
  9. trying2banrn

    Any Amarillo College students here?

    I am planning to move to Amarillo to get into the Nursing Program in the Spring, however, I am still NOT understanding as to why they would not take my intro to A & P 1 and 2, but did my intro to micro. The A and P is the same class as I took before and now I am taking it online, which I HATE online classes, especially it is mentally hard to take classes over that I have already passed! Also, I have 4 children who are 9,5,5 and 4, a single parent and no family in Amarillo. I was in the nursing program in NM and I am wondering if there has been any parents who are or have went through the program just like I want to do without any family help, got through, and if their program requirements on any days missed if a child was to be ill. I am trying to NOT throw myself over the cliff by getting to high into a mountain of hell for nothing. PLEASE, respond back. THANK YOU!!!