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  1. Travel Companies...

    TaleMed has been ranked #1 by Highway Hypodermics for many years now. Have been in business for over 5 years. Work with facilities all over the US including Alaska and Hawaii.
  2. I'm a nurse. Not a housekeeper!

    I have since left that position and started with another client. Like I stated before, I do not mind helping around the house and I do. I have swept that floors, cleaned the kitchen, dusted and everything for this new client. Today the mother made...
  3. I'm a nurse. Not a housekeeper!

    If you would have read everything I posted you would have seen that I have emailed the case manager about the situation. It isn't always as easy as you are making it sound. "Who's fault is it?" The care plan was changed 2 days ago and I am trying t...
  4. I'm a nurse. Not a housekeeper!

    I have never been asked to clean before. In fact when I worked at a facility I asked for a bottle of disinfectant and was told that I am not to touch cleaning products while I am on duty. They did not want the nurses messing with cleaning product a...
  5. I'm a nurse. Not a housekeeper!

    I am an independent nurse. I do not work for an agency but the client has a case manager that writes up the all service plan for the pt. We are told not to do anything that isn't on the all service plan because that is all we can bill for. This is...
  6. I'm a nurse. Not a housekeeper!

    Ok, let me start by saying that I do not feel that I am above cleaning someone elses house. Since I have started with this last client I have already cleaned their bathrooms, washed the walls (because all the other nurses got gtube feed all over it)...